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virtual care lab | Economies of Care: Glaring Back with Emily Velez Nelms

Wednesday, June 2 at 1:00 PM

$0 - $75
Online tickets not available

Wednesday, June 2 at 1PM

virtual care lab | Economies of Care: Glaring Back with Emily Velez Nelms


$0 - $75
Online tickets not available
Economies of Care: Glaring Back with Emily Velez Nelms
Four, one-hour sessions, on concurrent Saturday and Wednesdays.
May 29 - 1pm, June 2 - 5:30pm, June 5 - 1pm, June 9 - 5:30pm (times are in Pacific)
Curated by Aden Solway with virtual care lab

This is a casual reading and discussion group created for women and femmes of color to discuss racialized objectification and sexual harassment in the United States.

We will look at six texts, which approach voyeurism and constructions of ethnicized sexuality from various cultural origins. During our final session we will consider modes of subversion and the potential for continued engagement.

A bound paper copy of the reading material will be mailed to each participant for “off-line” reading, note-taking, and reflective journaling.

This gathering is arranged not as an in-depth theoretical investigation, but as an opportunity for collective sharing of experiences, which often occur in isolation. The provided readings function as case studies and bear witness to patterns of behavior within the United States. Discussions will be enjoyed in friendly, everyday language.

This programming requires pre-registration and will be capped at 20 participants. In order to facilitate trust-building, reading group discussions will be closed to the public, however all reading material will be made available to the Virtual Care Lab Discord community in the form of a downloadable PDF. Please only commit to participate in this programming if you are available all four sessions.

As a multi-ethnic woman and a second generation American, I approach Glaring Back seeking community and support among minority women and femmes who have interest in relevant discourses.

Lastly, note that while this collection of essays is written by authors from the US and colonized states, the perspective of global citizens is encouraged and welcomed.


All participants are invited to our Discord channel #economies-of-care to share discussions and resources produced in connection with the series.

About the host of Glaring Back:

Emily Velez Nelms was raised in southern Florida, studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA), the University of California Los Angeles (MFA), and is currently pursuing a MA in Architecture at Yale University. Her work takes various forms from compact objects to public art, video, writing, and installation and engages with nostalgia, the collective ancestral body, and the tradition of womanist theory. Currently, she is working on a long-term project titled, Domestic Exotic, part costume, performance, film, and archive, which will document her grandmother’s labor as a cultural producer in Miami between in the late 1960s and 70s. This work is an extension of a body of research on cultural tourist attractions within Florida from the 1950s to the present day. Velez Nelms is interested in how these sites of “authenticity” have been accepted over time and thus produced the performative reality of the south Florida region.

About the curator of Economies of Care series:

Aden Solway is an artist and curator. Trained as a historian, they have held positions across three continents, supporting projects led by The Art Gallery Of Ontario (AGO), Scotiabank Contact Festival, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Princeton University, The Art Institute of Chicago and York University. Over the last decade, they have maintained residency and fellowship positions at Banff Center for Arts and Creativity (Canada), Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto) and Cornell University (NYC). They are the founder of Closed Office, a research laboratory that investigates the myriad intersections of urbanism, performance and art. Send them pictures of your quarantine cooking on Discord.

virtual care lab is a series of experiments in remote connection, in partnership with NAVEL. Reach out at, or @virtualcarelab on IG or Twitter.
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