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Workshop: DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores: the 24

Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Public tickets not available

Saturday, February 2 at 12PM

Workshop: DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores: the 24

6950 Maple St NW, Washington, DC 20012, USA

Public tickets not available
Saturday February 2 * 12-4pm * $100 (includes the fuzz pedal)

So hey gang – another DIY electronics workshop from the good folks at
VauxFlores! This time, we'll be building a 24, which, for lack of
better description is one of those versatile fuzz pedals that has more
controls than a WWI-era biplane - allowing you to tune in just about
everything from a minor fizzle to a full-blown electric explosion of
64-foot long bee creatures (bees not included). It does some pretty
cool stuff – it sputters, it chirps and sans input it makes a pretty
good oscillator of sorts - provided you think that sounding broken is
cool. I do, but that's just me. It can also sound pretty un-broken at
other settings, and wholesomely thick on the ones in-between. And
while I may not be anywhere close to one of those guitar guys who get
a throng of fans drooling over their pedalboard after every gig, this
has been one of the most consistent boxes I've personally used in the
past 5 years. So there's that – not that you should take my word for
it. It can also be used with guitars, basses, amplified hunter horns,
electric buckets or any other instrument with an output intended to
exorcize bloated, orange despots (and sniveling sycophants) out of
our highest office at deafening volume. Or you can use it to jam some
killer jazz-funk fusion. Because after all, DC isn't all politics,
right? Either way, whatever your intention, this thing may just be the
droid you're looking for. For sounds and more info, please check out
this site for reference and edification:

So logistics – the workshop will go from 12 PM – 4 PM and all
materials will be provided. No prior electronics experience is needed
and yes, you get to keep the pedal at the end of the workshop. Price
is $100 and we recommend bringing a guitar or any other amplified
goodies you might want to plug into your pedal for jamming and
socializing once complete. As with previous VF workshops, we strive to
keep the atmosphere casual, informative and friendly – so feel free to
bring a snack and a story and hopefully we'll all leave as buddies at
the end of the day. For this workshop, attendance will be limited to
10 and a small VauxFlores pop-up shop will also be on-site for anyone
interested in nabbing a box without having to solder it themselves.
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