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Airpusher: First Contact

Friday, November 12, 2021 at 9:00 PM

$30 - $50
Online tickets not available

Friday, November 12 at 9PM

Airpusher: First Contact

2665 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

$30 - $50
Online tickets not available
Pack your trusty playa gear and your favorite dancing shoes! Airpusher is taking you on an intergalactic journey to a planet like no other - Nocturne X.
Your mission: Explore an uncharted world of bioluminescent forests! Seek out and make first contact with new life! To boldly revel in a night filled with music, dance, and community!

About Nocturne X
This captivating immersive art experience invites visitors on a journey of exploration within the galactic ecosystem of planet Nocturne X, a 4000-square-foot interactive forest filled with surprising stories and hidden puzzles. Hundreds of glowing plants, designed and hand-sculpted by the team at Numina Studio, create a landscape brimming with life as the interconnected vegetation responds to touch, sound, and movement. With the use of A.I. and other custom-built technologies, this multisensory installation transports visitors through space to an awe-inspiring unknown world.

About Airpusher Collective
Exalting in the celebration of love, art, and music - this collective believes in the power of community and creativity, of collaboration and inclusion, of fun and silliness. Calling the Bay Area its home port, this diverse and passionate crew lives and breathes for the creation of unforgettable experiences filled with their distinctive art and sound. From intimate venues to the vast desert stage of Burning Man, always count on Airpusher for a ride that celebrates love and life itself.
Line-up 9:00pm–10:00pm: Major Trouble
10:00pm–11:00pm: Trim
11:00pm–12:00am: TruckStop
12:00am–1:00am: Dj Cue
1:00am–2:00am: Cptn Jay
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