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Something Whiskey This Way Comes…

Friday, October 14 at 7:00 PM

Online tickets not available

Friday, October 14 at 7PM

Something Whiskey This Way Comes…

370 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Online tickets not available
A special Halloween edition of Whiskey Flicks Live! created and performed by Michael Niederman and Daniel McCoy

Is it October again already? You bet it is, and Michael and Daniel are returning to the backyard of the City Reliquary with their fourth-annual edition of Something Whiskey This Way Comes…, an unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into cinematic scares.

In a world where there are real-life horrors around every corner (insert today's headline here), what is is about scary movies that continue to enthrall us? Why do we return again and again to this well of shock, terror and visceral thrills? And what do we gain, or lose, by facing our fears from the safety of our theater seat or sofa?

For their fourth-annual edition of Something Whiskey This Way Comes…, Michael and Daniel will use Whiskey Flicks Live! to explore these questions and more as they dive into a century of scary movies.

Each performance of WFL! is a one-time-only event in which:

1. Dan presents a series of themed movie clips to Mike, who
2. reacts in real time with a stream-of-consciousness mix of
2 a) film criticism,
2 b) social commentary, and
2 c) personal narrative.
3. Mike doesn't know what Dan's going to play,
4. Dan doesn't know what Mike's going to say, and
5. the audience is along for the ride.
6. There may be dancing.
7. There will definitely be drinking.
8. Hopefully you remember why you fell in love with the movies.

Due to the nature of the films presented in this scare-based show, there will be some graphic and disturbing content. Enter freely and of your own will.

Doors 7:00pm
Show 7:30pm
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