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Puppets For A Green New Deal (12 week workshop)

Monday, October 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM

$81 - $200
Online tickets not available

Monday, October 21 at 7PM

Puppets For A Green New Deal (12 week workshop)

176 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

$81 - $200
Online tickets not available
Course description:
Over the course of twelve weeks we will explore creating hand puppets and giant puppets, puppet reliefs and masks to create a pageant/parade in response to the climate crisis. As a class we will begin by discussing ways our puppets can narrate a story and what particular perspective on the climate crisis we want to address (local air quality/pollution, global impacts, populations most affected, etc.) Students will then decide on a character to create in relation to our theme of climate crisis. The first six weeks we will focus on making smaller hand puppets made from clay, crushed paper, fabric, paper mâché and paint. We will go through all the steps of sketching, sculpting, paper mâché, and creating and attaching the cloth body. Over the next six weeks, we will focus on large scale puppets and work collaboratively in groups. Students will have a good sense of the materials from the first six weeks and will now be scaling things up and working in small groups. As we progress, a clearer narrative will emerge from the students and the puppets themselves, resulting in a puppet performance and/or parade.


Vera is an artist and educator working in a variety of mediums, from small drawings to large scale murals and puppets. After studying painting in Philadelphia at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Vera has taught and collaborated with youth and adult artists with in North Carolina, Texas, Mexico, and New York. Vera first moved to New York in 2018 to apprentice with the Redwing Blackbird Puppet theater where she learned puppet making, painted a set, and performed with puppets in a pageant. Alongside several community mural projects with Los Muralistas de El Puente, Vera has continued to make puppets with the Redwing Blackbird Theater, as a part of her own art practice, and with adolescent artists at El Puente leadership center in Williamsburg where she is the Visual Arts facilitator.

About our sliding scale:
Mayday makes a strong effort to provide affordable or below-market rate workshops of all kinds through our sliding scale model. At Mayday, all of your contributions go towards supporting a people-powered social justice community center and instructors that carry our vision forward. Pay the lower end of the scale (the true cost) or higher end to support more affordable classes.

Refund policy:
We'll only offer this course if we get a minimum of 10 people signed up. If we don't meet this minimum, we'll offer you 100% refund a week prior to class starting.
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