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Andrea Haenggi performance

Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM

$5 - $10
Public tickets not available

Sunday, June 3 at 4PM

Andrea Haenggi performance

39-31 29th St, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

$5 - $10
Public tickets not available
Note: RSVP is necessary only for Andrea Haenggi's "DON’T TOUCH ME: A Participatory Fieldwork Performance", and all are welcome to join without RSVP for Richard Garet's performance following.

As part of the Wilder LIC Exhibition, Flux will host two performance and potluck afternoons at the Windmill Community Garden.

Doors: 4 pm
4:30 pm - Andrea Haenggi's "DON’T TOUCH ME: A Participatory Fieldwork Performance"
5:30 pm - Please stick around for Richard Garet, EX·ER·TION; Quadraphonic presentation

Andrea Haenggi:
Andrea Haenggi has a research-based creative practice she calls Ethno-choreo-botan-ography that employs her roles as a choreographer, interdisciplinary artist, dancer, radical care sitter, somatic educator and EPA agent. Her sensual-bodily-tough works confront audiences with a world beyond humans.

The attentive physical fieldwork “There was a sign saying DON’T TOUCH ME” invites participants to collectively create a performance work within the mosaic of spontaneous ecosystems of urban plants (aka weeds) surrounding the Windmill Community Garden in Long Island City. Within this context, the urban plants are additional audience members as well as dance partners. Guided by Haenggi’s “urban weeds movement alphabet language” participants will experience possibilities of assembling with and caring for their own bodies as well as those of the urban plants.

“There was a sign saying Don’t touch me” explores the limits of individual and collective willingness to be there for one another, moving beyond humans, and cultivates radical practices of intimacy. Ritual, bioscience, foraging, dance, voice and somatic practices underpin this participatory attentive physical fieldwork. These biodynamic encounters bring us deeper into the social connections of an urban block, and uncover questions of how interspecies “wilderness” and companionship can feel in this, the 6th mass extinction.

All are welcome, no training needed, just a willingness to be physical with the land and to be in proximity with humans and non-humans. We will sit and lie on the sidewalk, wear comfortable clothes that can handle a little dirt and dust.

Richard Garet:
For this afternoon, Richard Garet will present a new quadraphonic piece titled EX·ER·TION, where visitors are invited to listen actively from within a static location or also move around to encounter different nuances of the work.

Richard Garet works with sound and visual arts; New Yorkers may remember Richard’s work from the 2013 MoMA Exhibition “Soundings”. His materials emerge from ontological investigations of background noise and the decadence-and-decay of technological utilities. Garet seeks to invert the normative function of background noise from unconscious status to active presence. The images and objects in his work stem from processes and experimentations applied to both outmoded and current technological media that emulate situations that translate material source into abstractions.

Artist website:
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