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virtual care lab | Synchronise

Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 11:00 AM

$15 - $25
Online tickets not available

Sunday, December 13 at 11AM

virtual care lab | Synchronise

$15 - $25
Online tickets not available
Synchronise | Sunday, December 13, 2020 — 11 AM PST | 7 PM GMT
Presented by virtual care lab and Stephanie Whitelaw

Synchronise is a guided sound walk and online gathering, connecting us to place through synchronised walking and guided creative response to local landscape. Exploring ideas of pilgrimage through interactive, sense-based activity, we will engage with inner and outer themes of nature.

Synchronise will explore the everyday places we inhabit, walking with intention and tuning into what is already here for us.

Journeying singularly through distant spaces held within the same timeframe, we will move through our respective places, partaking in a collective pilgrimage, across borders.

We will then gather together online to share our locative responses, weaving our sensory stories and walking experiences together. The gathering will offer a safe, holding space for inner and outer exploration and reflection. We will archive our walks through sensory drawing and memory
mapping, preserving our encounters along the way.

At a time when we occupy smaller areas, with access to less and restrictions in place, we seek an opportunity to engage with our surroundings in a “micro” way. By collectively journeying through locative space we can experience the intimacy of our surroundings together, opening up new
dialogues and ways of interacting with our everyday environments.

About the host: Stephanie Whitelaw’s practice endeavours to connect people with place, revealing the threads that run through ourselves and our environment. Walking Arts forms the basis of her work; spanning across installation, sound, participatory art, and text. Eco-therapy is woven through her facilitated works; building safe spaces that encourage a deeper sense of understanding each other and the eco-system which we are a part of. Stephanie is interested in what nature can evoke for us creatively - what it can mirror and unfold. She is currently a member of Rhubaba studios in Edinburgh, and is a co-founder of the female artist collective shared landscapes. The collective seeks to harness creative and environmental processes within the landscape.

Suggested donation is $15-25 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

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