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SWEAT: embodied grief practices

Monday, February 8 at 7:00 PM

$50 - $150
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Monday, February 8 at 7PM

SWEAT: embodied grief practices


$50 - $150
Buy Suggested Donation Tickets
SWEAT: embodied grief practices
Meets 5 times! Mondays, 7pm PST: 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/5 (biweekly)

It has been nearly one year since the spread of Covid-19 irrevocably changed the rhythm of our lives. We are grappling with inexpressible losses: whether it is the loss of a loved one, a home, a job, a routine, access to physical intimacy or community, a dream for our future, or a way of life, the pain feels diffuse, vibrant, and unnameable.

We deny the pain of loss when we feel we don’t have the time or energy to adequately grieve, especially in a society that promotes productivity above all. But the grief we repress doesn’t disappear – it sits and compacts in the body, becoming heavier and heavier. And to show up for times of pandemic and revolution as bravely and tenderly as we can, we must turn towards the pain of what we have lost, and build resilient spaces of softness where we can witness ourselves and grieve. When we cultivate internal resilience, we build the strength to turn towards each other and move with loving discernment towards communal responsibility, interdependence, and care.

SWEAT links physical practice with the work of grief.
SWEAT seeks the wisdom of poetry, ritual, and the body.
SWEAT understands our interconnectedness – that grief is a powerful, cyclic somatic energy that we must welcome and release.
SWEAT seeks techniques to create a collective social body able to support the movement of grief through our individual psychic bodies.
SWEAT is a practice, a process, and a continual place of learning and play, of grief and magic.

Over the course of five sessions, we will work together as a conditional community to co-create embodied group grief rituals and attend to the poetics of our language and bodies. We will read a mix of writers and poets engaging with grief, such as Francis Weller, Sobonfu Somé, David Ricco, Tricia Hersey, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, and Alice Notley.

Their strategies will inform our collective exploration as we seek techniques for grief work that include practices of movement, collaborative poetry writing, and ritual. Together, we will create a social body to hold and channel our grief; to acknowledge and normalize grief in all its desired expressions; to learn and become intimate with our grieving and to make space for mourning in our lives.

The course will culminate in the co-creation of a group grief ritual, and intentional planning for participants to continue to practice with our grief.

About the host: hannah rubin is a writer and interdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of performance, ritual, sculpture, installation, text, photography, video, and book-making. They work in the tension points of language and perception—invoking language as a site of desire, magic, intimacy, manipulation, and violence. They have performed or exhibited work in New York City, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Vermont, San Francisco, and Los Angeles; their writing has been published or is forthcoming in F Magazine, BOAAT Magazine, HOLD: A journal, Heavy Feather Review, smoke + mold, The Bombay Gin, and many others. Currently, they run IN TOUCH, a clay experiment that choreographs queer connection through elemental touch, and coordinate 20 lines a day, a durational daily writing collaboration with sixteen artists. Together with Noelle Armstrong they co-host the call-in poetry radio show mellow drama.

Please plan to attend all sessions. Suggested donation is $50-150 (which is $10-25 per session). All are welcome regardless.

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