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Babycastles Academy: Make Your First Videogame with Pico-8

Sunday, February 28 at 3:00 PM

$7 - $20
Online tickets not available

Sunday, February 28 at 3PM

Babycastles Academy: Make Your First Videogame with Pico-8


$7 - $20
Online tickets not available
We will provide free copies of PICO-8 to all registered participants that register by Saturday February 27. Thanks to Lexaloffle Games, maker of Pico-8, for the support.**

Video games are so cool! But how do you actually make a videogame? Where do you even start? The answer is right here! Using PICO-8, you will make a pixel art game like Undertale in less than an hour, that you can share with your friends and family and enemies and exes and former bosses that you've developed strangely paternal relationships with.

I mean it'll be a lot lot smaller than Undertale. But it'll be a real damn videogame!

Pico-8 is a fantasy console and game engine created by Lexaloffle Games that emules the hardware limitations of the video game consoles from the 1980s. The goal is to spur one's creativity and ingenuity with constructive constraints to produce games, and to avoid being overwhelmed with the many possibilities of modern tools and machines. Pico-8 includes a sprite editor, code editor, music maker, map maker and track creator. PICO-8 makes videogame development fun and easy. We'll show you how.

This workshop is meant for people who want to make a game and and have never made one before. But all are welcome!

Instructor: Fran Rojo
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