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Prints and Their Makers Book Club Series 1 Ep 3: PATM Series 1 Ep 3

Thursday, March 25 at 8:00 PM

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Thursday, March 25 at 8PM

Prints and Their Makers Book Club Series 1 Ep 3

PATM Series 1 Ep 3


$0 - $25 - $
Buy Suggested Donation Tickets
Episode 3 of the Prints and Their Makers – Book Club, a bi-weekly look at fine art prints and the art of printmaking from the perspective of the artists, printers, and publishers involved in bringing them into our lives. Led by author and master printer Phil Sanders, the Book Club will use Prints and Their Makers as a springboard to go deeper into projects, individual works, and processes introduced in the book while expanding to include other artists and printshops that simply could not fit into this tome of contemporary printmaking. Look for a list of scheduled guest artists, curators, printers, and publishers on facebook and instagram ahead of each installment. These 45 minute zoom events will also include time for questions and catching up afterwards. Let’s get together and talk about art, that happens to be prints. 8pm EST start time.
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