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Magick City

Magick City is home to entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and activists across multiple disciplines through our shared kitchen workspace.
that supports
  • Community Art Space

Ambient Church

Ambient Church is an experiential event series dedicated to working with artists to bring new ecologies to architecturally unique spaces.

Death By Audio Arcade

Death By Audio Arcade is geared toward showcasing local game developers in the NYC area through events, installation art, and galleries
that supports
  • DIY

Bel-Air Radio

An internet radio station broadcasting from the Silent Barn. We are building a diverse community of DJs, sound artists, and podcasters!
that supports
  • Non-hierarchical Organization

Silent Barn

Silent Barn is a collectively directed art space in Brooklyn, New York.
that supports
  • Safer Spaces


Alt Esc is a Brooklyn based magazine and curatorial platform featuring a new wave of rising artists and curators.
that supports
  • Community Art Projects

Outpost Artists Resources

is a non profit art organization that supports electronic media and community-based art
that supports
  • Community Art Projects

Blank Forms

Nonprofit organization supporting emerging and underrepresented artists working in a range of time-based and interdisciplinary art practices


Babycastles is a non-profit with roots in New York's D.I.Y. culture dedicated to building platforms for diversity in video games culture.
that supports
  • Community Art Space

SS Columbia

The 115-year-old steamboat SS Columbia will be revived as a new cultural venue on the Hudson River - a moving platform for arts & education.
that supports
  • Community Art Space

Detective Squad

an electronics shop for modern sound exploration and IRL experience on Stanwix Street, built into the Silent Barn
that supports
  • Fidelity Control

Tile Table Club

A monthly dinner series integrating the culinary standard with the comfort and warmth of our home.
that supports
  • Good Food


Prattsville Art Project

Residency, gallery, music venue, & DIY makerspace incubating rural avant-garde culture and building community resiliency through the arts
that supports
  • Safe Space for All


Since 1972, we have been at the forefront of building experimental arts platforms in New York City and beyond.
that supports
  • Contemporary Art

Educated Little Monsters

Educated Little Monsters is a visual and performing arts movement resisting gentrification in Bushwick. *Sponsored by We Make Noise*
that supports
  • Youth Empowerment

Shadow Traffic

Shadow Traffic produces and curates immersive installations within interstitial areas of the urban landscape
that supports
  • Chaos Magic

The Institute for Collaboration and Play

An umbrella for ideas and experiments related to collaboration and play for artists and citizens

Nonsense NYC

A discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City
that supports
  • DIY Culture

The Zero-Suits Project

We are interested in providing resources for artists who have questions about how art gets made -- from the business to the creative work.
that supports
  • DIY


Custom clothing boutique, pop-up venue, and thriving art community in Brooklyn.
that supports
  • Unique Parties

Rock'd Soul Radio

Rock'd Soul Radio is a 24/7 mix of the sounds of Chicago's independent music scene. All genres are welcome and all voices are heard.
that supports
  • Access-Driven Media Arts: Programs + Platforms

Unit 2

Unit 2 is a QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans and/or Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) arts and community space, dedicated to coalition building.
that supports
  • Community Building

Km 0.2

Km 0.2 is a non-profit workshop and a contemporary art space located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
that supports
  • Contemporary Art


A psychedelic celebration of music/art/culture and the flavors of NYC in a tiny retro-future diner.
that supports
  • Good Drinks


SXRVXVE is an interdisciplinary curatorial platform dedicated to presenting artworks and projects engaging with systems of power.
that supports
  • Community Building

Whether it's the nights you'll never forget or the ones you'll never remember, Nicky is there to document it all!
that supports
  • Independent Events

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