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4 Tops at the Park Church Co-op

Friday, November 8, 2019 at 7:30 PM

$10 - $25
Online tickets not available

Friday, November 8 at 7:30PM

4 Tops at the Park Church Co-op

129 Russell St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

$10 - $25
Online tickets not available
Friday November 8th 2019
8pm $10

Ambient Lullabies (NYC)
Toby Goodshank (NYC)
Cal Folger Day (Dublin, Ireland)
Benjamin Shepherd (Richmond VA)

"Elegant, minutely detailed and rarely ends up where it began. Shifting between pensive ambience, graceful baroque-tinged riffs and gently churning pizzicato phrases." - NY Music Daily

Concetta Abbate + Ben Engel

"Toby's mission, as far as I can understand it, is to fearlessly (and affably) throw open the doors of perception and chronicle the effluvia swimming beyond the filmy surface of acceptability. The result is a unique disorientation, where reactions are severed from habit." - Jeffrey Lewis


"Conjuring the syncopated, subtly bombastic alt-pop alchemy of artists like Field Music via mid-era Joni Mitchell, The Woods and Grandma is a typically tangential and contagious effort from Day (and friends)" - The Thin Air

Cal Folger Day + Bob Gallagher

"Benjamin Shepherd brings a folky touch to his songs, but he's not without some side trips into drug-fueled weirdness. On [Hold the Line], Shepherd's introspective take on Americana-influenced rock n' roll is distinctive and memorable." - RVA Mag

Benjamin Shepherd + Kevin Guild
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