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Educated Little Monsters

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

ELM (w/Arts In Bushwick) is a grassroots movement dedicated to providing resources, artistic outlets & economic opportunity for youth of color.

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    This is for the Monsta Supporters who want to see ELM secure a space and continue campaign to own.

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  • Words from the Educated Little Monsters community!
    Help us keep the Monster program alive, running and moving towards ownership.. As many we had to lock down our space which caused us to lose a lot of revenue that helped us pay rent, pay staff, provide resources for the youth and our community. The truth is we were already struggling and fighting prior to the pandemic. At this moment we have to come up with 8k just for back up rent and bills and another 8k to last us through September and have all rent paid in full. At the moment we are using someone else's space and have been paying almost 3k a month for a year just for rent and bills not including all the money I as the founder of ELM have to come up with just to pay staff, buy lunch, supplies, taxes etc. and although we've managed, Its hard to pay so much money to then have to leave anyway because of a pandemic and a government that isn't securing our financial safety to keep our community spaces open. So we've decided to campaign to own.

    For those who dont know us and are new to our story ELM has been working with native youth of color giving them resources to create all forms of art as a healing mechanism. A safe space where they can just be themselves while their entire communities are taken over by white influx, class, privilege, racism and continuous police brutality. Our biggest goal is to make space for the youth, build economical platforms, while teaching them how to fight and stand up to all types of injustice in their neighborhoods and the world. For 7 years we've been continuously displaced or pushed out of non inclusive spaces that thrive on the hardship of our communities so they can survive. ELM is made up of a community of youth as young as toddlers to adults. We also run other artist platforms like Monsta Lab, Arts in Bushwick, Bushwick Street Art and Color Scenes. As the youth age out they are able to transition into these platforms and continue their work as community artist and leaders and jobs teaching the younger monsters coming in. There has been millions of dollars of non profit money that has funneled into gentrified communities just like ours but people like us rarely get funded or the resources we need to survive. I want the monster movement to last because people all over the world believe in the importance of communities of color thriving especially for the youth. I want this movement to survive because people understand their privilege and how important it is to break bread with communities who are still over run by power, money, oppression, racism, capitalism and so much more. We can't and won't survive solely off grants. The 1st step to us liberating ourselves is owning.

    What will we do with the money raised? Buy property have an all ages music/art venue, studios for dance, theater, music recording, art, film making, media, kitchen to cook meals for the youth, apts for homeless youth, garden to grow our own food and more. The part that you should understand is that 90% of the things mentioned above ELM is already doing. We just need your help getting an actual piece of property we can own. The work is being done but for the next step we can't do it alone. We believe in our communities near and far. And we know that a lot of you want to see us win. We have to!! It's important for our youth in our city and youth all over the world to see how we together can reclaim our communities and own. Be a part of this story. Its actually extremely important that you are.

    With so much love and Gratitude
    The Monster Family
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