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Babycastles Academy: Doom-Modding Workshop

Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 3:00 PM

$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Sunday, April 11 at 3PM

Babycastles Academy: Doom-Modding Workshop


$5 - $15
Online tickets not available
Babycastles Academy Workshop
led by Eben Kling & Aude Jomini (FEED)


Babycastles Academy is the education arm of Babycastles.
Join us on Sunday afternoons at 3pm for workshops and jam sessions. Learn new skills. Make new friends.

4.11.2021 - Doom-Modding Workshop
Bring your love of old school Doom or come to see just why this game platform is still so beloved.

When DOOM was created and released in 1993 its creators were strong proponents of copyleft and free remix culture. A year later the first shareware level editing and game modding software was released. The beauty of Doom is its continued accessibility, the speed of the game and its thriving community of sharing knowledge online. It is still fast and fun, with instant multi-player potential, and we still love to play. With recent improvements through ZDoom, higher resolution images allow improved possibilities for creative storytelling. We want to encourage other artists to make worlds in it too.

No previous experience necessary! All are welcome.

Led by artists Eben Kling (@ebenkling) and Aude Jomini (@audehelene). Using our own experimental game, Doom-Haven (at we will go through the process of making a full conversion mod for Doom, using free tools Slade and DoomBuilder, including scripting in Decorate and ACS. We will post a quick-start guide with downloadable resources ahead, go over basic tips and map making tricks, share our custom sprites and textures as asset packs, and explain multi-player server setup. We will point you to the Doom community resources which helped us most along the way.

Help keep Babycastles thriving during COVID-19! Participants are encouraged to send a $5 - $15 sliding scale donation. Venmo: @babycastles or make a one-time contribution or sign up for a membership at

About us:

We are not experienced coders or software engineers: we are painters and architectural designers. We have been making work with Doom during COVID to express our ideas about digital identity, void-like architecture and public space more directly. Doom became our site of collaboration for 2020, a complicated love letter to our city. Our game, a conversion mod called Doom-Haven, is set in Long Wharf and downtown New Haven. Using Doom as a medium has given us a way to travel back in time while thinking through current issues. Endless Ports of Doom in multitude testify to the game’s enduring wide reach, as well as its code’s resiliency and continued accessibility. The code and textures live in “.wad” files, named for “where is all the data?” Wads can be taken apart in their entirety, thus unlocking both the images and code lumps that make up the game. The back-end builder for maps allows free exploration and fast experimentation using the engine, allowing for digital travel into a 27-year repository of other mods. The original Doom was never a black box. The full code and the development implements were both released with the original game. Various enthusiasts have taken up the mantle of upkeep and have sustained the life of this game for the past 27 years, extending the functionality and resolution of its building tools. It’s an awesome world.

*This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council.
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