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Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM

$0 - $5 - $10
Public tickets not available

Saturday, March 2 - March 3


3600 Lyons Road, Austin, TX, United States

$0 - $5 - $10
Public tickets not available
Wires is a Choose Your Own Audio Adventure (CYOAA) about ways in which the world is connected. Through a series of choices, you’ll both create your own story and craft your own musical composition.

Put another way, it’s an interactive sound installation with a story element. The story is presented as a set of handmade books and contain a surprise when you open it up. Each book contains a small speaker and audio player. As you read the story you’ll also listen to the sounds that correspond to that portion of the story. The end of each story segment gives you a choice that directs you to a new book. To see the project, check out

The opening party on March 2nd will give you a chance to check out the work and socialize. You understand how parties work. This one will be book themed. There will also be beer, vodka (sponsored by Tito's) and snacks.

Douglas Laustsen is a musician living in Austin, Texas. Since 2016, he has largely explored technology in his music making, including multiple sound installations and data driven compositions. Douglas is most interested in creating music that allows the audience to interact with it. He has presented at multiple NMASS and Soundspace events in Austin, TX. His music has also been performed throughout the United States, including a work for flute commissioned by Meerenai Shim.
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