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Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 3:00 PM

$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Sunday, November 21 at 3PM

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

145 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, USA

$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Intro to Uxn Programming

Have you wondered how computers function under layers of abstraction? Are you curious about learning about assembly languages? Would you like to try fun challenges, while getting to know a permacomputing platform? Join us in learning about Uxn!

Uxn is a portable 8-bit virtual computer inspired by forth-machines, capable of running simple tools and games, and programmable in its own unique assembly language called Uxntal.

Uxn is at the core of Varvara computer, a platform for running small audio/visual applications. Varvara has been ported already to several years old and modern computing platforms, like the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, the Playdate, and more.

In this workshop we'll introduce the basic concepts to start programming this computer: its architecture, the programming paradigms of Uxntal, and some low-level aspects that will allow us to create a simple drawing tool!

Pre-requisites: This workshop is best for those with some previous programming experience. However, no previous experience with assembly or low-level computing is needed.

We will use the learn-uxn website by metasyn, that requires a web browser with javascript enabled:

sejo (they/them) explores permacomputing and computing at a human scale with the compudanzas project . They wrote the Uxn tutorial, a beginner's guide for programming the varvara computer and a slow-paced companion to the official documentation
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