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Lost Horizon Night Market

Saturday, May 14 at 9:00 PM

$1 - $3
Online tickets not available

Saturday, May 14 at 9PM

Lost Horizon Night Market

New York, NY, USA

$1 - $3
Online tickets not available
Please do not post any of this information on social media or mailing lists. The Lost Horizon Night Market has thrived and multiplied due to it's open-source nature, however our reliance on word-of-mouth is critical to maintaining certain values.

Those familiar with the Night Market may be surprised to find a ticketing page. While cash donations to individual proprietors have always helped offset the costs of each project, Shadow Traffic is accepting donations beforehand in order to help finance the four free events we produce annually. We will use additional funds within our 501(c)(3) to provide artist grants for said events and supplement our reliance on you, our community. Please bring tips for the individual proprietors, more information below.

As always, the Lost Horizon Night Market is a transient bazaar where one can encounter a variety of mysterious lounges, theaters, galleries, cafes, installations and other establishments, all situated within seemingly ordinary box trucks. Over the (10+) years, the Proprietorship has grown to include dozens of unique Establishments and the conjuring of any of new or old ideas are welcome.

RULES (?!)
As before, we must insist that all Proprietors neither vend nor condone the use of alcohol or illicit substances, nor create loud noise, or otherwise draw inappropriate attention to the market due to our intrinsic nature of semi-legality. And of course, nothing may be sold nor admission charged. Accepting tips, donations, bartering, and gifts is welcome and donation to future Night Markets is encouraged. Outside of these ground rules, as well as Time and Place, the Market remains operational as a Free for All with minimal central control.

Registrants will receive the Place and Time on Friday night. The Market will open on Saturday at 8:59pm and will run until 12:59am, rain or shine. Those who learn the details via word of mouth are also welcome. Showing up on the early side is recommended. If you have not gotten word of the location by Saturday morning, check your spam folder. Gmail thinks blind carbon copies taste delicious.

Dress for this special occasion as you find appropriate. The weather is crazy here. It could be oppressively hot, cold, wet, dry, etc. so dress appropriately. While some trucks may serve food or drink, there are no concessions or neighborhood conveniences. Bring everything you need, including plenty of small bills or whatever your donation may be, to tip your favorite establishments. Please do not litter. We must leave no trace of our activities.

If you wish to become a truck proprietor:
Email us at and we will add your truck to the lineup, and keep you updated with our address of the event and any other information you need. Additionally, we have a GRANT available to cover the cost of proprietor's truck rentals (proprietor's still need to procure their own truck). You can submit your truck here for grant access.

Please bring a maskā€”some trucks may require close contact to others and we trust you to make decisions about your own comfort with proximity.
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