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Leah P, Purgist, Sunk Cost, William Hutson, Hexpressionist, Smokey Emery, DJ Paul Haney

Sunday, July 24 at 7:00 PM

Online tickets not available

Sunday, July 24 at 7PM

Leah P, Purgist, Sunk Cost, William Hutson, Hexpressionist, Smokey Emery, DJ Paul Haney

1815 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Online tickets not available
Sunday July 24th 2022
Cost: $10
Doors: 7pm
This event is in person. Mask wearing is highly recommended, N/95, KN/95, Surgical Masks preferred.

Purgist (Poland) @purgist
Dawid Kowalski. Formerly Sleep Sessions (2005-2013) Purgist is furious, intrusive and eruptive cut-up harsh noise. Building intense noise structures only to abuse and destroy them while simultaneously creating a completely new noise scape foundation to build upon and cut down again.

Sunk Cost (CA)
Johnathan Cash. This act essentially covers the specific type of adjectives you’d want from a noise artist’s bio: grinding, ear screeching, gut busting, rumbling low notes. Sunk Cost is unrelenting when it comes to punishing all with noise. All jokes aside, this is some pristinely curated harsh noise. Not at all like that other noise act he does, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan.

Hexpressionist (CA)
Fahad Baseer. Brutally raw head splitting noise. Total fist pumping rager experience. If Hexpressionist is an “uninterrupted definition” of themself then their only true objective is to execute the ultimate ear obliteration by the force of total noise domination.

William Hutson (CA)
Spacious, dreamy panning, patient, clean, minimal, sonic soundtracks for spectral movements live performances featuring reel-to-reel tape manipulations from the man behind Anthracite, Tattered Syntax, Rale and Clipping.

Smokey Emery (CA)
Daniel Hipólito. Smokey Emery is deeply hypnotic. A forceful beautiful balance. Familiar in feeling but sonically new, anonymous. Versatile sound sources create layered depth leaving one feeling reflective.

Leah P (CA)
@lady_oxen @oxenrecords
Leah P is an ornery antagonistic approach to harsh cut-up noise. Playful, heavy loops bind and are intermittently smothered by bursts of silence and visceral violence.

DJ Paul Haney (CA)
Playing the hottest obscure favorites of the underground crowd!!!

Flier Art: @jabielecka
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