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Same Same But Different Dinner Show

Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Public tickets not available

Thursday, February 8 at 7PM

Same Same But Different Dinner Show

Magick City, 37 Box St, Brooklyn, NY, 11222, United States

Public tickets not available
“Same Same But Different” Dinner
hosted by @kreung_cambodia and @eatingpopos

Feb. 8. 2018
$40 Dinner (tix through link below)
LIVE show with Matt from @navygangs @sakuradaijin
Performance starts 9:30pm at @magickcity

We are collaborating on a Cambo-Chino mashup of scents, flavors, and traditions to celebrate two distinct cultures that share the same passion for family, fun, and good food. (And pickled things.)

Buncha Starterz
Hot Pot + Noodlez
Alcohol + MOMBUCHA Cash Bar
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