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Future Local: Love, Hate, Sustain NYC

Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM

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Thursday, August 15 at 7PM

Future Local: Love, Hate, Sustain NYC

250 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

free entry
Online tickets not available
This summer Future Local collaborated with Sustain Investing to deep dive into sustainability and social impact issues specific to New York City.

Together, we'll showcase our insights from researching social progress, the gig economy, and labor. We'll watch a short film about Amazon, demo an interactive game and discussion that reminds us of the many ways we have power as collective stakeholders.

This will be an informal gathering in Nick's (one of Sustain's co-founders) living room, so feel free to bring snacks and libations!

Read more about Sustain here, and be sure to check out Sustain's latest blog posts: Should we love or hate the gig economy and is it sustainable?; and Love, Hate, Sustain New York City

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