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Pass the Porn : A Cinematic Social Experiment

Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM

£20 - £50
Online tickets not available

Thursday, October 17 at 7PM

Pass the Porn : A Cinematic Social Experiment

House of Togetherness, 14-16 Betterton St, Holborn, London WC2H 9BU, UK

£20 - £50
Online tickets not available
LOCATION: House of Togetherness
14-16 Betterton St

The Violet & Is Our Love ___? present : Pass The Porn

An elevated and sophisticated version of that sleepover where one of your friends decided to search for porn and show the group. A cross between cinema and smut. Pillows, cuddle puddles, blankets and popcorn.... and chats about porn.

With censorship at an all time high (RIP Tumblr), spaces to safely celebrate our sexuality are dwindling. The world lives between extremes. Porn stashes (not to be confused with Porn ‘staches) and Porn detoxes. Either we hide our habits to never speak of them or abstain from porn and proceed to never shut up about it. The reality is: Porn isn't evil. It depends on how we use it. Let's use it for good. Let's talk about it, learn from it, incorporate it. Let’s create a conversation around pornography and use it as a platform to unpack cultural nuances and norms. Each Pass the Porn film series will do just that with an underlying theme and panel for discussion.

This Pass The Porn is all about Squirting and Ejaculation. And yeah....things are gonna get wet. From wet orgasms to non-ejaculatory prostate orgasms, Pass the Porn aims to change our relationship with the way we watch porn, helping you separate fact from fiction and find what is healthy for you. With our debut in London, this event we're going to deep dive into the minds of porn performers as opposed to the porn's themselves. With the Squirting Porn ban recently lifted, we're metaphorically lubing you up for your Pornucopia.

We'll get to the bottom of questions like
Is squirting like they show it in porn? How do performers prepare for ejaculating? How do you ejaculate more or change the taste of your semen? Our panels will navigate these questions and more.

7:00pm DOORS
7:30 Tailor Matched: Sexually Authentic Dating
8:00 Lucy Rowett : The Emotional / Physical connection from Ejaculation
9:15 - 10:00 open chat / optional mini sessions with select educators

:::: FEATURING ::::
Musings from Sexologists, Erotic Performers, Thought Leaders
Mini Body Work sessions for Vulva Owners
Into the Mind of the Multi-orgasmic Man
Sensation & Wax Play
"Water Sports"
Sexually Authentic Speed Dating and more......


This is a hands off event. While cuddling, kissing and mingling are allowed and encouraged, there is NO sexual play or nudity permitted at this event. This is for the safety and comfort of everyone within this container. While it's perfectly okay to be turned on by what you watch—it is made with that in mind, after all—we like to keep a 3 second rule when it comes to creeping. As in: after three seconds, a stare becomes creepy. We also follow an alert system - alert a person or staff member what someone is doing makes you uncomfortable. They will get a warning and if they do it again they will be removed from the event. Pass the Porn is an education first event and part of that education is how to behave like a civil human around others. I.E. this isn't an event for you to jerk off to the people sitting around you. If we're going to have sex and watch porn, we should be able to talk about it.

:::: QUESTIONS? ::::
What's the difference between the tiers?
Nothing! The sooner you buy them, the cheaper they are!

What do I wear?
Lingerie, Pajamas, Street Clothes. There's no uniform, unless you want there to be....

Can I come alone?
Bring your friends, bring your boo, or just bring yourself. Pass the Porn is an event aimed to make porn social and socially acceptable. That includes being comfortable talking about it amongst friends and partners as well as experiencing it around other people. The point is: You’re not alone when in the company of like-minded individuals.

What if I get an erection during the films?
Great! That likely will happen and isn’t a big deal. What an excellent time to practice being aroused in a social situation and then not expecting anything to happen because of it!
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