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21st Century Sound Stories

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 8:00 PM

$15 - $20
Public tickets not available

Saturday, April 28 at 8PM

21st Century Sound Stories

1850 Amsterdam Ave

$15 - $20
Public tickets not available
21st Century Sound Stories - April 28th, 2018, 8pm
Project Q, 1850 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031 - Tickets $15 (Students, Seniors), $20

Featuring three major new works at the intersection of Opera and Music Theatre by Qubit Composers Alec Hall, David Bird, and Aaron Einbond

Directed by Joshua William Gelb
Designed by Marika Kent
Libretti by Kelsey Torstveit and Dan J. McLaughlin O'Neil
Choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin
Featuring Charlotte Mundy, Jeff Gavett and the TAK Ensemble
Sound Installation by Dani Dobkin (on view 4/28-4/29)

Already open since March, Qubit has been operating a brand-new, pop-up experimental art and music venue on Amsterdam Avenue and 151st Street. Set inside an awe-inspiring 10,000-square foot former parking garage, the project is hosting a series of events throughout the spring. The culmination of April’s programming will bring the composers of Qubit together to present an evening of three new major new immersive works at the intersection of music theatre and opera. Performed by the TAK Ensemble, featuring Charlotte Mundy and Jeff Gavett, directed by experimental theater-maker Joshua William Gelb and designed by Marika Kent, these three portraits of isolation and influence will be performed for one night only in a reality warping display of music, performance, installation and experimental technologies.

The House of Influence, by Alec Hall

An unnamed lobbyist purveys a stolen bioweapon on the cryptocurrency market before arriving at a social media celebrity house in Los Angeles, and finally at a Twitter Bot factory in regions unknown. With a libretto by Dan J. McLaughlin O'Neil, the characters find themselves entangled amidst a widening morass of advertisements and social media. As the lines blur between themselves and their surroundings, the lobbyist takes flight to alternative dimensions, spanning the physically discrete to the virtual, beyond the singularity and into the post-Human.

Lonelyhearts by Kelsey Torstveit and David Bird

The work follows a single character as they navigate a desolate apartment and the mysteries that hide within it. With nods to Lynch and Hitchcock, commonplace sounds take on a dramatic significance, as creaking floorboards, dripping faucets, and the electric hum of appliances, are amplified and orchestrated out to members of the TAK Ensemble. In "Lonely Hearts", members of TAK surround the solo performer and the audience, this feature and the staging of the work more broadly aim to construct an 'architectural antagonism' with which the character is forced to contend with and confront. In doing so, the character goes through a dramatic transformation. Do they find their true self in this space? or does the space transform them?

Hidden in Plain Sight by Aaron Einbond

With a composed score of vocal, instrumental, and environmental sounds that are complemented with short quotations from the work of Debussy—particularly Pelléas and Mélisande—Aaron Einbond has composed a site-specific music theatre performance that addresses immediacy, interactivity, and surprise. Director Joshua Gelb guides the audience to encounter characters and music in a series of intimate settings shaped by the architecture and its resonances. Each performer represents a character in an imaginary drama whose narrative is constructed in the minds of the individual participants as they stumble upon or follow the action to hidden corners of the space.

embodied by Dani Dobkin

Signal embodied by noise
Sound embodied by space
Resonance embodied by bodies
Place embodied by memories

embodied is a site sensitive sound installation exploring speakers and their embodiment/disembodiment to sound
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