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THREE-BODY PROBLEM: ANALOGUES IN WAVE AND MOTION with Anastasia Clarke, Matthew D. Gantt and Cal Fish

Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 7:30 PM

Online tickets not available

Thursday, January 9 at 7:30PM

THREE-BODY PROBLEM: ANALOGUES IN WAVE AND MOTION with Anastasia Clarke, Matthew D. Gantt and Cal Fish

Outpost Artists Resources, Queens, NY, United States

Online tickets not available
THREE-BODY PROBLEM: Analogues in Wave and Motion

In the study of physics, the Three-Body Problem represents a canonical exercise in determining the relative velocity and interaction between multiple bodies in motion. Unlike similar studies of two or fewer objects, understanding the complexities of these interactions requires a dynamic negotiation between several interrelated systems.

This concert presents three new works of integrated sound-and-motion that consider relationships between physical bodies and technologically mediated experience. Each composer has created, programmed, or hacked a custom electronic device or system that imposes a specific set of rules for performer embodiment. As artists working with the medium of instrument, Anastasia Clarke, Cal Fish, and Matthew Gantt trade in design virtues of efficiency, legibility, and generalization for tools that ask for idiosyncratic interactions in order to activate their potentials for artistic expression and intervention.


Anastasia Clarke :
Anastasia Clarke's Uncommon Circuits: touchRelease Oracle Taking the musical instrument interface to be a story-making machine, touchRelease Oracle uses an autobiographical, collaboratively-generated vocabulary of material to forge a non-linear method of creating narrative composition together. The piece is conceived as an experimental psycho-somatic therapeutic device for a group of collaborating performers, who have all contributed sound content and co-designed the sprawling instrument used to de/re-construct aspects of their self-told origin stories, which were never actually written. Facilitated and directed by Anastasia Clarke, Uncommon Circuits is an ensemble exploring modular modes of personal and interpersonal storytelling through electronic instrument interactions.

Matthew D. Gantt:
RECTANGLERS RECTANGLERS is a work for immersive sound and hybrid movement. Taking inspiration from Maya Deren’s early choreography for camera(s) and research conducted with Berlin dancer/scholar Lindsey Drury, this piece investigates the friction between physical bodies and the materiality of contemporary media. In the presentation of this piece, digital bodies and physical performers navigate an embodied score in relationship to projection, sound, and virtual space, triangulating presence between the entanglements of self, screen and site.

Cal Fish:
Dynamic Listening Instrument The Dynamic Listening Instrument is an interactive sound sculpture that allows sound to be handled as a tactile entity. Since Spring 2017 it has been revised and used collaboratively in many public installations, performances, and site/community specific inquiries. The D.L.I. uses a flexible venn-diagram of electromagnetic fields to share specific acoustic assemblages in space. Field recordings, interviews, tape loops and more are mixed and made audible by listeners and performers using sculptural buckets outfitted with speakers and homemade electromagnets.

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