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MOD FUCK EXPLOSION (Jon Moritsugu, 1994)

Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 10:00 PM

Online tickets not available

Saturday, January 25 at 10PM

MOD FUCK EXPLOSION (Jon Moritsugu, 1994)

124 S 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

Online tickets not available
dir. Jon Moritsugu, 1994
67 mins. United States.
In English.


The Nipponese bikers have leather jackets and London, a broken-family blonde, wants a leather jacket more than anything. Her sister Nasty has one, but she’s a post-Quaalude comic artist and won’t give it up. London’s brother is a dumb wannabe mod, clinging to a style that is just nativism with thick-framed glasses. Top Mod Madball sums up their situation with a joke:

“Why did Hitler kill himself?”

“To get to the other side!”

All London has to do is party with the bikers and tell Kazumi that he has a great bod, but instead she’s in love with death-obsessed M-16. Cleopatra, the supernatural succubus and queen of feces, tries to give London some T-R-U-T-H but she won’t hear it! Everything is leading in a fucked-up, not-knowing-how-to-fuck direction not to mention the ultimate showdown between the pale mods and a powerful biker gang.

From Scum in the Sun: Jon Moritsugu.
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