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Competitive Winter Picnicking

Sunday, March 1 at 12:00 PM

$5 - $10
Online tickets not available

Sunday, March 1 at 12PM

Competitive Winter Picnicking

Fort Greene Park, 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA

$5 - $10
Online tickets not available
It's March! It's Springtime! Time to frolic and dance in the dew-covered flowers as the sun warms your--

WRONG! Early March is the time you wish it were spring. Time to warm up your blood the old fashioned way. Bust out the scribbling pad, crank up the oven and hit the electric kettle. It's time to start planning with your coziest, zaniest friends.

The best in each of the categories will be awarded with cash prizes!
Richest picnic meal
Funnest picnic game
Bestest picnic drink
Mostest thematic team

------------PLEASE READ--------------------

Attention Teams!

Our location has changed this year! Please meet at the Fort Green Park BBQ Area, located on Myrtle Ave between N Portland Ave and St Edwards St.

The ground is most likely to be wet regardless, so please plan accordingly with tarps to lay your picnic blanket on, rags to wipe down park tables and rain proof gear if you want to be super safe.

There is a restroom adjacent to the site with a water fountain and at least one electrical outlet for electric tea kettles and the like. Charcoal and Hibachi grills at least two feet off the ground are permitted. Propane and alcohol beverages are not permitted by park rules. Please assess risk calculations and forgiveness abilities while planning your picnic.

Our judges will be scoring the categories of Richest Picnic Meal, Tastiest Picnic Drink, Funnest Picnic Game and Tightest Thematic Team. That last one will be judged on costumes, props, puns/references and overall synergy. Cash prizes will be awarded. Judges are bribeable.

Please have one person from your team fill out this form


For this service, help finding a team or teammates, or general questions, please email shadowtrafficproductions@gmail.com

Picnic On!
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