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Full Frontal

Friday, March 13, 2020 at 8:00 PM

free entry
Public tickets not available

Friday, March 13 at 8PM

Full Frontal

free entry
Public tickets not available

We Have Good News
The health and safety of our community remains top of mind. As such, we are doing all that we can to help minimize potential spread of coronavirus. Everyone seems to be affected by the current Covid 19 situation. Many have reached out to us asking if the event will still happen.
We have good news for you! The event will still happen on Friday from 8pm-11pm with a social hour and DJ afterwards.
You may be aware that a few days ago, on March 6, Mayor Breed, the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the Department of Emergency Management announced new recommendations for San Franciscans for coronavirus. We will therefore monitor the number of guests in both our indoor and our outdoor performance spaces and provide the recommended hygienic necessities to ensure we comply with these recommendations.

In addition, we would like to share additional information with you to make the event enjoyable.
• With a 5000 sq' interior gallery and 6,000 sq' ft outdoor courtyard there will be enough space to practice “social distancing” which means you have around 6 feet between you and the other guests. To remind you of the 6-foot rule, we will provide a little tool for you when you check in.
• There will be plenty of soap and water to wash your hands. We also recommend you to bring some hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes.
• You should not attend if you are not feeling well!
• The current situation is new to all of us. It is important to listen to the experts and by doing so, we came to the unanimous decision to go ahead with our small-scale event.
• We are looking forward to seeing you Friday. Please don’t forget there will be music after the art event. Just dance at a safe distance from each other.- Art - Live Performances - Music - Poetry - Book Fair - Social Practice - Live Printmaking - Participatory Poster Making - Bar with Event Inspired Drinks - 8pm to 11pm -

Event location will be disclosed the day of the event via Email. This is a free event with a suggested donation at the door between $5-$15.

FULL FRONTAL is a showcase of site-specific performance artworks and contemporary art installations by emerging and established local Bay Area artists.

The event seeks to build community, engage the local public, and explore alternative uses of spaces by transforming an underutilized building into a thrumming hive of action-oriented artworks and site-specific installations. A city in flux, this creative space reinvents our relationship to one of the most precarious and scarce resources in the city: Creative spaces.
Evoking the bohemian ethos of the Bay Area’s historic alternative spaces movement, Full Frontal builds on this experimental philosophy with contemporary and social practices to bolster and activate unseen artists from the local community.

The evening begins with a durational performance by Brazilian artist Guta Galli who will present a 60-120 minute-long world premiere live-action tableau vivant performance titled Sugar Daddy Capitalism in which the pregnant artist holds a 78-year old man in her arms referencing the body positions of classical pietà sculptures while a rain of powdered sugar slowly falls from above onto their bodies, coating them in the white sugar dust.

Immediately following this work and then ongoing periodically throughout the night is a choreographed and improvisational contemporary movement performance by Lauren Szabo and collaborators named The Other is Thyself , a new iteration of her acclaimed Tracked Project. The concept explores pairs of performers travelling the length of the 100’ long gallery space, falling in and out of movement mirroring choreographies. Costumes polarized with blue on one side and orange on the other, these dancers move in a range of speeds from slow to fast, and phase in and out of synchronization between improvisational and choreographed fragments. The work touches on concepts on a spectrum of otherness, othering, and unity as seen through complimentary colored painted performers.

Body-based performance artist and academic, T Shell performs an untitled 10-minute-long action titled And now he works for the Navy in which the artist jumps rope using a custom, handmade jump rope constructed using conventional wooden handles but substituting rope with barbed wire. Clad in a well-worn mid-toned unitard, they use their body to present a physical manifestation of the endurance of trauma contextualized within a public setting. Their work poses questions about how art frames the circumstances for empathetic communication in public contexts. By inviting the audience to spectate this self-inflicted action, the artist references the gestures of religious zealots engaged in self-flagellation practices, as well as BDSM situations and other forms popular masochism, and challenges the audience to explore deep emotional connections with the artist in unexpected ways.

Following T Shell, Javier Stell-Frésquez, a two-spirit performance artist, dancer and producer presents a seven-minute long new iteration of The Boy Who Fell From the Sky, a piece inspired by voguing in the style of drag-ball communities and queer ‘houses’.

Shaghayegh Cyrous presents No Smell, No Touch, No Taste a new video projection installation on laser cut metal sheets created from videos and sound recordings captured between family members separated due to political exile between Iran and the United States between 2017 and 2020. Using video chat, Telegram, Whatsapp, and IMO, the artist captures clips of exchanges between refugees, exiles, and immigrants to reflects the desire for communication with distant inaccessible lands. This installation represents the challenge of digital communication using only two senses of seeing and hearing, missing the senses of smell, touch, and taste.

The Factronauts present The Mendacity Exposure Measurement (MEM) performance installation in which the collective of performance artists, dressed in DIY space suits and equipped with pseudo-retro electronic scanning devices, engage the audience in participatory actions in which the artists “scan” each subject for “levels of mendacity”. After assessing the level of truth and lies within each subject they proceed to administer topical remedies in the form of essential oils and pseudo-medicinal balms. This work is a collaborative series of interdisciplinary artworks carried out by Bryan Hewitt, Vita Hewitt, Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari, with participation from audience members and the public.

Bryan Von Reuter presents a video bath covering the entire 5000 square foot ceiling of the warehouse gallery space.

Adobe Books presents a pop-up outdoor library and reading room curated by Adobe Books founder Andrew McKinley and current programming director Heather Holt. Adobe will have for sale a wide array of books ranging in subject and type and the audience is encouraged to explore their popup space. Additionally, there will be a group of four young poets reading new work in this space. This includes Blanca Bercial, Clement Erhardy, Delaina Engberg and Seraphina Perkins.

Tony Labat, the Master of Fine Art program director at the San Francisco Art Institute and foundational Bay Area conceptual artist presents site-specific works by a cohort of 15 emerging MFA artists creating site-specific actions, performances and installations through the warehouse building responding to this idea of creative reuse of space and the framework of performative actions in site-specific contexts.

Heroes of Unity, a social practice printmaking studio lead by Justin Hoover and Chris Treggiari invites the public to participate in free pop-up silk-screen print making sessions. The public is asked to share their perspectives on local issues and their memories of home and are encouraged to make a custom print to take home with them. Audience responses and interactions will be turned into a new series of silk-screen posters. The Heroes of Unity project is a youth-led screen-printing project honoring the stories of local heroes. The project is a collaboration with The Unity Council and the Oakland Public Library. Collective Action Studio presents the Heroes of Unity. This youth led printmaking project is in partnership with the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and with Intersection for the Arts as part of the Intersect SF Series supported with funds from Grants for the Arts.

Additional artists will present other works including but not limited to a “sideshow” performance named This is not art, this is an exorcism part 2, by Cat Sweet and Hartley Hamel in which the artist self-staples tarot cards to her face while accompanied by live violin music. Artist Adam Weber will type the word “help” on a typewriter in an ongoing way while sitting alone on a scissor lift at the top of the building’s rafters and Leyi Yang will present her version of Waiting for Godot, in which the artist stands in the gallery all night with a box on her head inviting others to enter in the box with he and engage her in this setting.

Participating artists by alphabetical order:
Becky Alexander
Leonardo Barrera
Aisling Baus
Daria Belle
Bianca Bercial
Fusako Chapman
Shaghayegh Cyrus
Delaina Engberg
Clement Erhardy
Luis Flores
Peter Foucault
Guta Galli
Lauren Godla
Lauren Granados
Hartley Hamel
Victoria Mara Heilweil
Bryan Hewitt
Vita Hewitt
Keyvan Shovir Heydari
Rebecca Johnson
Tamara Khasanova
Lisa Koyama Max
Tony Labat
Sang Chi Liu
Chew Lyu
Luis Flores Martinez
Andrew McKinley
Zhang Mengjiao
Lisha Peng
Seraphina Perkins
Laurel Poeton
Kate Radford
Kristen Rulifson
T Shell
Qian Song
Phil Spitler
Colette Standish
Javier Stell-Frésquez
Cat Sweet
Lauren Jade Szabo
Chris Treggiari
Bryan Von Reuter
Adam Weber
Kyle Wilhite
Jessica Wong
Yeting (George) Xiong
Lynn Yaguchi
Leyi Ruby Yang
Yawen Zheng
Adobe Books
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