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Lost Horizon Night Market: Quarantine Edition

Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Saturday, May 9 at 7PM

Lost Horizon Night Market: Quarantine Edition

free entry
Online tickets not available

Normally, the Lost Horizon Night Market is a transient bazaar where one encounters a variety of mysterious lounges, theaters, galleries, cafes, installations and other establishments, all situated within seemingly ordinary box trucks. The only thing that has changed this time is that we are no longer using trucks. We have asked proprietors to create interactive spaces within their area of quarantine, be it a bedroom, bathroom, cupboard, roof, or unique virtual space. Proprietors plan on keeping trucks as interactive as possible, defying the confines of the internet.

RULES (?!)

Tips, donations, barter, and gifts are welcome, and donation to future Night Markets is encouraged. Outside of these ground rules, as well as Time and Place, the Market remains operational as a Free for All with minimal central control. If you suddenly realize that you would like to set up a truck, the deadline for applications is Friday, May 8th and the link is below.


Registrants will receive the Virtual Place Link on Friday night. The Market will open on Saturday at 6:59p EST and will run until 11:59p EST, rain or shine. We still recommend arriving early, as some trucks have a small capacity and some are running in time zones halfway around the world. Those who learn the details via word of mouth are also welcome. If you have not gotten word of the location by Saturday morning, check your spam folder. Gmail thinks blind carbon copies taste delicious.


Dress for this special occasion as you find appropriate. Consider makeup, accessories and good lighting. While Shadow Traffic appreciates donations in order to run free events in the future, please tip your proprietors through their digital wallet of choice and remember that this is still the Night Market: you can offer a song, joke, a poem, a recipe, a GIF, or delicious knowledge of some kind.
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