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Livestream: Object Collection + Ma'ayan Tsadka & Dani Williamson + Kirschner Computing

Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Saturday, May 16 at 5PM

Livestream: Object Collection + Ma'ayan Tsadka & Dani Williamson + Kirschner Computing

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

free entry
Online tickets not available
Tune in to Indexical’s Twitch stream to catch live performances by Object Collection, Ma'ayan Tsadka & Dani Williamson, and Kirschner Computing.

This event is 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT.

Object Collection
Object Collection is a Brooklyn-based performance group that operates within the intersecting practices of performance, experimental music and theater.

You Are Under Our Space Control is a utopian space-opera, a homing signal cast into an empty universe, a beacon for an aesthetically radical future.

Drawing on space travel, transhumanism, astronautics and the resurrection of the dead, Space Control rehearses a progressive politics through a total re-envisioning of everyday life. Limber speech-song vocal parts are eerily and spasmodically FX’d, and navigate surprisingly glistening instrumentals – a headlong tangle and squelch of flexing 808s and metal objects, roboticised guitar, and unreal synthesis.

YAUOSC’s bubbling force belies its diverse, unruly underpinnings. The opera’s musical backbone is a drum-machine transcription of John Cage’s 1951 piano solo ‘Music Of Changes’, a landmark of indeterminacy; its title grabbed from Cy Roth’s sci-fi romp ‘Fire Maidens From Outer Space’ (1951); its texts inspired by Sun Ra and the Russian Cosmists’ poetics and philosophies and interviews from real (and imagined) space travellers and astronomers.

Ma'ayan Tsadka & Dani Williamson
Ma'ayan Tsadka & Dani Williamson will be streaming live from their rooftop in Haifa, Israel, during sunrise.

Ma'ayan Tsadka is a composer, sound artist, improviser, sound explorer and teacher. At the root of all my works is an attempt to grasp some understanding about the nature of sound, its behavior, acoustic ways of organization, and its environmental and social roles. I am interested in uncovering and amplifying layers and musical patterns—hidden, inherent structures— which occur acoustically, as well as in an exploration of the ways in which the sonic phenomena meets the physiology of the ear and the psychology of listening. Often, my work incorporates a dimension of imaginary and speculative sonic worlds, on the line between crypto-zoology, crypto-botany and futuristic folklore.

Dani Williamson is an American visual artist and occasional noise maker who creates digital and celluloid experimental works, which explore the tensions between virtual and physical space and how those places are experienced by others.

Another aspect of her work is performing in drag as a means to explore masculinity and queer spaces. She has collaborated with musicians, composers, and other digital artists in the US and Israel to make films, small art galleries and other happenings. Currently resides in Tel Aviv.

Graduated with an MFA in Digital Arts + New Media from UC Santa Cruz and a BA in film from SIU, Carbondale.

Kirschner Computing
In 2023, Arnold Kirschner, or Arnie to those who know him, transformed the world of wellness with the creation of the first Psychoanalytic Listening Stations. Kirchner Computing was officially founded in 2024, and over the past 17 years we have grown from a small private practice into an international phenomenon– representing over 20 countries, treating over 2 million patients, and holding thousands of patents. We’re here to make the world a happier place, and because of people like you, we’re well on the way.

Strategies for Managing Auto-Enactment Disorders, Volume 1 presents the fictitious, future facing healthcare company, Kirschner Computing, whose methods mobilize sound to make tangible one’s most repressed mental activities. The cornerstone of their treatment program consists of analytic sessions with the PALS system (Psychoanalytic Listening Stations). Using advanced technological means, the PALS system represents and predicts one’s psychic activity in sound so as to gain a more tangible grasp over it. Patients diagnosed with an Auto-Enactment Disorder will receive this audio-guide as a supplement to their clinical treatment.
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