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Tea Base x Butterfly: Digital Direct Action

Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 8:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Thursday, May 21 at 8PM

Tea Base x Butterfly: Digital Direct Action

Toronto, ON, Canada

free entry
Online tickets not available
Digital Direct Action is a simple way to consistently and actively engage in acts of solidarity through knowledge and being present with each other. Now is the time to remind ourselves about the power of relationships and that we are not alone (despite being in isolation).

15 minutes of information sharing: Get informed on the issue
25 minutes of action: Break-out rooms and scalable actions
10 minutes of after care (optional): Communal group stretch exercise

During the action, people are asked to blast on social media, sign petitions, send emails to their representatives, or call their representatives depending on what each person's comfort level is. Each breakout room will have a facilitator who is there to guide you through the process and make sure you feel confident in taking action.

// Action Overview //

Date: Thursday May 21, 2020
Time: 8 - 9 pm EST
MC: Hannia Cheng
Speaker: Elene Lam


Butterfly has conducted a survey about the impacts of COVID-19 with more than 100 Asian and Migrant workers in the massage parlour and sex industry, all of its findings have been summarized into a report.

The biggest finding is that over 40% of workers are being left behind from financial relief and other social support programs by the government because of the criminalization of sex work, precarious immigration status and working conditions. The demands we are making:

1) Income for all. Make CERB available for those who do not have a SIN number.

2) Provide funding for migrant and sex work organizations to redistribute as income support for workers who are not eligible or in fear of applying for financial relief from the government.

3) Increase social assistance - Increase OW and ODSP by at least 40% to meet basic needs. Current rates fall below the poverty line.

4) A rent moratorium for small businesses and a moratorium on evictions. Rent subsidies should be directly provided to the small business owner, not through landlords.

// Support //

If you are able to give to Maggie’s and Butterfly’s “COVID-19: SW Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers”, please support! Everything goes a long way:
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