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Coping Cafe ep 6: The Shape of Stories

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 4:00 PM

$7 - $20
Online tickets not available

Tuesday, July 7 at 4PM

Coping Cafe ep 6: The Shape of Stories


$7 - $20
Online tickets not available
Join us for the 'Shape of Stories.' These programs are part of a series by Coping Cafe, providing artistic tools to help people manage life changes.

We will explore narratives, their impact, and how stories influence societal opinions. How do our personal stories connect to larger stories? How do we know what is true? How do we know what is ethical and "safe"? How can we use narratives to shape a better world?

Interviews on zoom include interactive Q&A.
July 7th- Special Guest Dr. Betty Sue Flowers advises think tanks on future scenarios. Previously she was Director of the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library. She edited Bill Moyer's Healing and the Mind, Power of Myth, and Senge's Presence. Dr. Flowers and Coping Cafe founder, Aviva Perlo, met at the University of Texas at Austin 25 years ago. Part of coping is being able to find smart, honest, creative people who can help us to better understand ourselves and our role in the world. Mentoring will also be discussed.

July 21st- Cheryl Thompson-Morton, Program Manager at the Lenfest Institute for Journalism in Philadelphia, promotes equity, ethics, and accessibility in mainstream media. Her work supports individual journalists of color, ensures the investment in media enterprises founded by people of color, and strives for inclusion in media ecosystems.

Arthur Kurzweil is a treasured author, editor, educator and publisher whose work on Jewish issues has appeared in New York Magazine, Moment, and The Washington Post. He has published +650 articles by various authors on Judaism and transformation. Arthur wrote Kabbalah for Dummies and Torah for Dummies. His spiritual teacher of 40 years is Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

Tickets on sale now. You can buy tix for Stories on July 7 or buy a Series tix 3-n-1. Scholarships available, email with 'tix' in the Subject.

Look forward to co-creating meaningful conversation with you.
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