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Street Smarts: Security Mindset for Activists

Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 3:00 PM

$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Sunday, June 21 at 3PM

Street Smarts: Security Mindset for Activists


$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Our current context of institutionalized anti-black racism and state violence is calling us to think about keeping ourselves and the people we organize with safe. To make effective use of available tools and decide which are right for you and what trade-offs are worthwhile for your specific situation it is useful to take time to assess our own needs around security. This panel hopes to provide an introduction to thinking about your own security context and needs, by running through exercises around specific protest related scenarios, to give a model for the process which you can practice to asses your own security needs.

Grey (Cypurr Collective)
Security needs are personal, diverse, and VALID...but may be complicated to navigate sometimes (especially in high pressure situations). Grey will introduce the concept of threat modeling, and will overview how a lil bit of self-check and situational awareness can aid in the safety of yourself and your comrades.

David Huerta (FPF):
Independent journalists can work with more autonomy than many reporting to an established newsroom, but that also entails taking on more roles and thinking about the risks associated with them. David will discuss how to model risks unique to reporting as an independent journalist, and what steps you can take to mitigate those risks.
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