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virtual care lab: A Center In A Table

Sunday, July 12 at 10:00 AM

$5 - $15
Online tickets not available

Sunday, July 12 at 10AM

virtual care lab: A Center In A Table


$5 - $15
Online tickets not available
A Center In A Table | Sunday, July 12, 2020 — 10 AM PST • 1 PM EST • 7 PM CET
Presented by virtual care lab and Amanda Maciel Antunes

This virtual meal time is a part of an ongoing performance-video series by artist Amanda Maciel Antunes that brings together a group of people you may or may not know in the sharing of our collective memories and our relationships with food and one another.

Dear guest,

A Center In A Table began over a year ago, in my studio, as a way to approach a new community and the diversity of the Los Angeles landscape. I’m from Brazil, and I moved to Los Angeles six years ago. As I quickly realized that meeting my neighbors and seeing the richness and the diversity of this city was not such an easy feat, I felt that I needed to be more intentional. So I began by inviting friends and oftentimes strangers I met in passing to a blind-gathering “potluck style” to share a meal and explore the intersections of food and memory. Six dinners have been recorded so far.

The Meal

I invite you to bring a dish that is special to you and that is related to a past memory, and to share this memory at the gathering. Each guest has a designated time to share, and with your permission I would like to video/sound record these collective memories.

This iteration of the project will be a little different as we experience social distancing and we can’t possibly share meals with one another. However, I do believe that our stories and our relationship to food has increasingly become a primary and urgent focus in our lives.

The name of this gathering A Center In A Table is one of the last lines in Gertrude Stein's book of poems Tender Buttons, which speaks to the unfamiliar-familiar, and which inspired the philosophy of this gathering. A tablecloth made of paper or natural fiber is usually used under each of the guest’s plates for all dinners and those stained papers/cloth eventually become an artifact of a performance/a moment in time. Since I can’t have a tablecloth brought to your various homes, I would like to invite you to place a piece of paper under your food, or under something you’re cooking, eating and preparing for this gathering. Let that paper get stained, ripped, tossed, dampen. And see what happens as a result.


This gathering will take place on Zoom and Online Town, with a capacity of 15 participants. Suggested donation is $5-15, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Proceeds will benefit Summaeverything Community Center, which distributes free organic produce boxes to those in need in Los Angeles. https://summaeverythang.org

virtual care lab is a new series of experiments in remote connection, and is powered by NAVEL.

Questions? Reach out to virtualcarelab@gmail.com or visit virtualcarelab.com.
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