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Livestream: Stephanie Cheng Smith + Liam Mooney + Sarah Hennies’s “Everything Else”

Saturday, July 11 at 5:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Saturday, July 11 at 5PM

Livestream: Stephanie Cheng Smith + Liam Mooney + Sarah Hennies’s “Everything Else”


free entry
Online tickets not available
Solo performances by composer-performer-instrument builders Stephanie Cheng Smith and Liam Mooney, followed by an ensemble performance of Sarah Hennies’s “Everything Else,” featuring the composer and friends.

Stephanie Cheng Smith
Stephanie Cheng Smith is a composer, performer and programmer who creates interactive pieces, installations, improvisations and through-composed works. She often uses electronics, violin and light, and her explorations with motor arrays have been featured in the latest issue of Experimental Music Yearbook. Smith’s performances and residencies include Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM, Amsterdam), PACT Zollverein (Essen), liebig12 (Berlin), Re-New Digital Arts Festival (Copenhagen), EcoSono (Caribbean), Centre for the Living Arts (Mobile), Megapolis Arts Festival (Baltimore), and—in Los Angeles—Machine Project, LA Film Forum, REDCAT, and the Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS). She has also made appearances on webcasts such as EarMeal, Experimental Half-Hour, KCHUNG and dublab. Smith frequently performs electronic music under the name Stephie’s Castle, is a member of networked music ensemble bitpanic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons experimental performance group Lil’ Jürg Frey, and has composed for and performed as a member of the Dog Star Orchestra. Serving on the wulf.’s Artistic Advisory Board, she also curates and produces experimental music concerts in the Los Angeles area.

Performance of b-z-bowls, a motor-array instrument crafted of bowls, bells, balls, beads and clothespins. A vibration motor is attached to each suspended bowl and controlled from a central interface. In the performance, each bowl is filled with a combination of fillings and manipulated as the performance progresses.

Liam Mooney
Liam Mooney is a composer, performer, and instrument maker based in Los Angeles.

Sarah Hennies
Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a composer based in upstate New York whose work is concerned with a variety of musical, sociopolitical, and psychological issues including queer & trans identity, love, intimacy, psychoacoustics, and percussion. She is primarily a composer of small chamber works, but is also active in improvisation, film, performance art, and dance.
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