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WordHack Online 6-Year Anniversary Show!

Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 PM

$5 - $10
Online tickets not available

Thursday, July 16 at 7PM

WordHack Online 6-Year Anniversary Show!


$5 - $10
Online tickets not available
WordHack is celebrating 6 years of amazing shows, online and off with a fantastic lineup of friends from near and far. Join us this month on the Babycastles twitch stream (https://twitch.tv/babycastles) to hear talks by:

DARIUS KAZEMI (http://tinysubversions.com/)
KATE COMPTON (http://www.galaxykate.com/index.html)
ALLISON PARRISH (https://www.decontextualize.com/)
MAX BITTKER (https://maxbittker.com/)

We also have an OPEN PROJECTOR (like an open mic for digital work) where anyone can sign up to share a piece on stream. A link to the form to sign up for open projector will be sent to you after you sign up for a ticket on this page.

WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology. Code poetry, digital literature, e-lit, language games, coders interested in the creative side, writers interested in new forms writing can take, all are welcome here.

Help make sure WordHack has a home to go back to when quarantine is over! Now is also a great time to become a Babycastles member to support us and learn about our great livestreams: https://withfriends.co/babycastles/join

Host & Curator: TODD ANDERSON (http://toddwords.com/)

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