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just jazz

Thursday, September 17 at 7:30 PM

$10 - $20
Online tickets not available

Thursday, September 17 at 7:30PM

just jazz

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, USA

$10 - $20
Online tickets not available
An evening with a live jazz performance by Ayumi Ishito (sax), Hajime Yoshida (guitar), Yoshiki Yamada (bass), Carter Bales (drums), Lauren Lee (vocalist/piano), Jonathan Heagle (guitar), Julia Chen (piano), and Lavondo Thomas (Bass) on Thursday, September 17th at the outdoor rooftop.

Currently, Synesthesia presents Sinejan Kılıç Buchina’s solo show, "From Place to Non-Place" at our gallery space. (Every 6 people can get inside of gallery with masks)
The exhibition and the performance space will open at 7:30 pm and the performance will start at 8 pm. Please, everyone, keep wearing your mask and social distance!

Thursday, September 17th, 7:30 pm-11 pm
※If it rains on Thursday, September 17th, we will cancel the event since our space is outdoor. We will announce to you via Whithfriends Email and if we cancel, the ticket fee will be refunded.

●Donation-Based Ticket●
-50 people maximum (to respect our neighbors)
-Suggested donation $10-20

Bushwick Area ( close to M, J, L train)
You will get our address when you get a ticket via Whithfriends.

●Solo Exhibition●
-Sinejan Kılıç Buchina
"From Place to Non-Place"

-8 pm: Ayumi Ishito (sax), Hajime Yoshida (guitar), Yoshiki Yamada (bass), Carter Bales (drums)
-9 pm: Lauren Lee (vocalist piano)
-10 pm: Jonathan Heagle (guitar), Julia Chen (piano), Lavondo Thomas (Bass), Carter Bales (drums)

-Please keep wearing your mask and social distance during the party.
-As always, no littering

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