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Coaxial Arts Foundation presents AXIAL AGE FESTIVAL

Monday, October 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Monday, October 12 - October 17

Coaxial Arts Foundation presents AXIAL AGE FESTIVAL


free entry
Online tickets not available
Coaxial Arts Foundation presents AXIAL AGE FESTIVAL livestreamed and co-presented with curators the wulf, Island of Misfit Toys, nettnett /+/ OTONO, Queerspace, Raah Lein, and the Coaxial board. Our new Axial Age is a contemporary liminal period, when old certainties had lost their validity and new ones are still not ready. The festival runs from Monday 10/12 through Saturday 10/17.

The original Axial Age is the period when, roughly at the same time around most of the Eurasian societies in 8th to the 3rd century BCE, the great intellectual, philosophical, and religious systems that came to shape subsequent human society and culture emerged: Chinese philosophy of Confucius and Lao-Tse, Buddha and Upanishad in India, Zarathustra in Persia, Elijah and Isaiah in Palestine, Homer and Plato in Greece. The Axial Age was a shift—or a turn, as if on an axis—away from more predominantly localized concerns and toward transcendence.

Monday 10/12 - 7pm PST: the wulf
Tuesday 10/13 - 6:30pm PST: Island of Misfit Toys
Wednesday 10/14 - 7pm PST: nettnett /+/ OTONO
Thursday 10/15 - 8pm PST: Queerspace
Friday 10/16 - 8pm PST: Raah Lein
Saturday 10/17 - 7pm PST: Sloosh Vampires

SCHEDULE BELOW:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

MONDAY 10/12: the wulf

Lil’ Jürg Frey
An experimental music ensemble that exists within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lil’ Jürg Frey is Dicky Bahto, Erika Bell, Morgan Gerstmar, and Stephanie Smith. “…while the game’s cute graphics and the performances’ overall premise may feel gimmicky at first, the meticulous consideration for rhythm, sonic qualities and spirited experimentation are undeniable upon viewing and very much in the lineage of Fluxus … what they accomplish here feels surprising, enthralling and nothing short of singular.” – Joshua Minsoo Kim, The Wire.

Casey & Cassie Duo
Casey Anderson is an artist working with sound in a number of media, including composition, improvisation, electronic music, saxophone, text, and installations.
Cassiopeia Sturm is a Los Angeles based sound artist and instrument builder whose absurd, speculative creations critique and reimagine the relationship between humans and technology. She uses interface design and generative algorithms to develop new methods of exploring technology from a personal perspective. In constructing, documenting, and sharing these inventions, Cassiopeia seeks to empower others to create their own devices.

Pauline Lay
Pauline Lay is an instrumentalist, composer, and events organizer in Los Angeles. She has performed and presented work at several larger institutions, venues, and areas throughout the US, but has also enjoyed the spirit of DIY venues, backyards, and cozy living rooms. Apart from her solo improvised violin and electronics performances, she currently performs and collaborates with other musicians in varying iterations and genres from duets to larger ensembles.

Liam Mooney
Liam Mooney is a composer, performer, and instrument maker based in Los Angeles. Mooney’s projects have involved such materials as popcorn, drinking straws, plastic bottles, soap, rubber bands, PVC pipes, dry ice, toy instruments, yogurt, balloons, drums, electric fans, foam, music boxes, and vacuum cleaners. For this performance he will be using is car.

TUESDAY 10/13: Island of Misfit Toys
A sixth-year dip

Thomas Dimuzio @thomas.dimuzio
Dinosaurs with Horns @rxckpxtts @dynastysuites
Bob Bellerue @halfnormal
Dustin Wong + Brin @casualshrine @dustin_clarence_h_wong
Watkins / Peacock @zacharyjameswatkins @oaklandpeacock
Sharkiface @sharkiface + Fletcher Pratt @midorirec
Danilo Casti @danilomdcriot + Dalila Kayros @dalilakayros
Maria Maea @maeamaria
War Hippy @vrrrtcrb @thezerocollective
Primal Swirlings @primalswirlings
Devin Nolan

DJ Sleepwalkers Local @grantecapes
DJ Nanny Cantaloupe @fancyfeces
DJ Eric Potter @soundofericpotter
DJ Izella @aqua_rusalka
DJ Dia @synthdactylprogram

live visuals by
Legomyeigo @legomyeigo
The Zero Collective @thezerocollective
Vingo Vongo Video @tingotongotapes

WEDNESDAY 10/14: nettnett /+/ OTONO

Alina Sánchez Forest Epiphany @alina_sanchez_lopez
Alina Sánchez, Mexico. Multidisciplinary artist, B.A. graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, “La Esmeralda” Live cinema, video art, photography, gif, sound explorations and in situ installations have been the main resources and supports for her different searches: the questioning of existence, the fragility of being, and contemplation as means of reflection.

Rancho Shampoo @ranchoshampoo
Rancho Shampoo is a Pluridimensional traveler. He connect with the cosmos to see his Rayovac Ancestors. He is the first Aliendígena in the planet earth.

Ice Cyborg & KOI

Loquilandia & MHV @mr_bimb / @mhv_one
"Loquilandia", a noise and experimental radio show hosted by Enrique Arriaga and Luis Silva in Mexico City´s, meets Mexican IDM pioneer "MHV", for a live improvisation. A clash of distorted frequencies and abstract electronic sounds is expected.

Charmaine’s Names @profquad
MtM drag crooner performing sensual masculinity. Current work leans heavily into identities of loss, death, psyops, loneliness, and honesty.

Matt Robidoux @robidouxstille
Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer and electronic musician interested in accessibility within contemporary music and the communicative capacities of musical improvisation. Recent release "Brief Candles" (2020, \NULL|ZØNE//) spans a lineup of two chamber ensembles and a rock band, encompassing a "grasp of strange lumps of pop texture handled as avant readymades" (Byron Coley, Wire Magazine). In a solo configuration for Axial Age Fest, electronic chance processes and field recordings are central to a new quarantined songwriting process.

Juanjose Rivas @jrivasmx

THURSDAY 10/15: Queerspace

Peter Kalisch @noisepup
Peter Kalisch is a performance artist and noise musician based in Los Angeles. Kalisch’s work strives to shine light on postmodern conditions leading to interpersonal disconnections. Kalisch’s body of work is an attempt at self-awareness and an encouragement to others to remove themselves from patterns of self-victimization.

Celeste XXX @xceleste.xx
Celeste XXX is an experimental pop musician fusing electronic distortion with sweet&sultry bedroom ballads. Heavy themes of dark femininity in her work simultaneously blend with a sense of raw pureness creating an “infamous” live performance. This brand of “XXX” is a horror psychodrama, drenched in femme fatale tears.

Tyler Matthew Oyer @TMOSTUDIO
"Tyler Matthew Oyer is an interdisciplinary gospel immortalist" - Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Le’lani @lel4ni
Los Angeles musician and performance artists, former member of Fucked Forever, Washing Machines and Pek Pek

Tolliver @tolliv3r
Written and recorded with all-star production team The Architects (Miguel, Alicia Keys), Tolliver’s sparkling new EP, ‘Thin Black Duke,’ is equal parts unbridled hedonism and morning-after regret, a conflicted party record that blurs the lines between soul, funk, R&B, and hip-hop as it grapples with sex and jealousy, money and betrayal, self-doubt and self-control. Tolliver, whose queer identity and appetite for debauchery are frequently at odds with his strict religious upbringing, writes with a keen observational eye and lacerating wit. His lyrics are raw and unfiltered, at times hilarious, but there’s a swift undercurrent of guilt and that flows just beneath the surface.

FRIDAY 10/16: Rainlein

TV-MA @tvmanoise
TV-MA is a genderfluid electro-acoustic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer native to Los Angeles. Inspired by goth melodies, R&B, and weird electronics, TV-MA produces dark, catchy tunes and pushes them into the realm of experimentalism.

Banetoriko is solo noise project, seeking dreamy, anxious noise-scape using loops and a self-made metal instrument, Banetek.Active since 2011. Inspired by yokai, which is Japanese spirits, ghosts, monsters and creatures appears in the folklore or urban legend.

Dendereh Bloodbath @denderehbloodbath
“I’m the lone low train whistle as you lie awake at 3am watching the twisting shadows in the hallway coalesce into a portal.”

80kv @_80kv_
0KV is a noise/industrial musician and performance artist whose work explores the possibilities of human interface with technology.

Endometrium Cuntplow + Leah P. @lady_oxen @disappearingardenwitch
(she/they). \\[Endometrium Cuntplow \\] an incredibly homosexual ghost that came from a dumpster. goddess of nectar and trash.
Leah P. Co-Owner of Oxen Records.
Leah P.(eah) is project started in 2008 primarily focusing on harsh and cut-up noise influenced by loud silence and visceral violence. Abusing tonal layers and textures to loop melodic ugliness has become a personal means of release from the human experience.

Angela Izzo @izzoimages
IZZO uses a creative mix of digital photography and videography, blended with custom film camera techniques to evoke a psychedelic, romantic, dreamscape experience. An innovative entrepreneur, Angela Izzo is an award winning film maker, producer, and is the co director of the documentary, "The Benders Circuit".

SATURDAY 10/17: Sloosh Vampires

Cathode Cinema @cathodecinema
Los Angeles based monthly curatorial screening showcasing contemporary and archival experimental film/animation at @coaxialarts

Crank Sturgeon @crankst
Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming procured from recycling bins, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption. The result has been a multiple decade journal entry that reads something like a traveling circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette recordings of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed & amplified office equipment.

Nephila @nephilanema
The focus of Nephila is to explore, celebrate and reconcile with life’s natural courses that connect all things, and their effects on the human mind. Shannon A. Kennedy is a prolific experimental theater artist, designer, musician and performance artist. Her broad range of artistic disciplines coalesce in her work under the project Nephila. The work examines the points where science, mythology and the human psyche intersect through voiceless, abstract narration. The sculptural instruments she builds out of natural and decayed materials, often function as set pieces, and are activated through movement to make abstract, textural sounds.

Ritual Chair @ritualchair
Power Electronics project from Los Angeles. Active since 2017, albums and performances focus on trauma and anxiety.

INSATIABLE MONSTER V - Xochiquetzal @carminaescobar @evaguila
Carmina Escobar is an extreme and experimental vocalist, improviser, sound and intermedia artist from Mexico City. Her practice focuses on sound, the voice, the body, and their interrelations with physical, social, present and memory spaces.

Ono @onopmichaelono
ONO bandleader P Michael Grego and frontperson travis had met before 1980, sharing a love for written and spoken word, the transcendent, and the genuine. Through continual poking and prodding, P Michael convinced travis to join him in ONO, the name coming from shortening “onomatopoeia,” and underscoring a desire to create “noise not music.” P Michael would handle the audio. travis the words. Since January 5, 1980, ONO’s roster has changed drastically, but always fiercely defended a singular construct: “The ONO STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Experimental Performance, NOISE, and Industrial Poetry Performance Band; Exploring Gospel's Darkest Conflicts, Tragedies and Premises.”

Jonnie Prey @jonnie_prey
Jonnie Prey is a multi-media artist working with sound, video, sculpture, painting, collage and performance art. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jonnie now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Rust Worship @paulunits
Solo industrial noise out of Los Angeles from Paul Haney (Obsolete Units label). Environmental sounds, found sounds, sampled sounds, home sounds, and other scattered debris churned and endlessly recomposed into masses of existential dread, reconciliation with the void, and ultimately vociferous glee.

Evicshen @evicshen
Victoria Shen is an experimental music performer and sound artist from San Francisco. Her work features analog modular synthesizers (Flower Electronics), amplified objects, and invented instruments, the resulting music eschews conventions in harmony and rhythm in favor of extreme textures and gestural tones.

Johnny & Pat @sunk_cost_ @piss_ma
Duo of Johnny/Sunk Cost & Pat/Sissisters.

Conscious Summary @conscioussummary
Conscious Summary is a multimedia drone/ambient act based in Los Angeles by sound designer, engineer and producer Samur Khouja.
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