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virtual care lab | Social Dreaming Matrix

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 10:00 AM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Sunday, October 25 at 10AM

virtual care lab | Social Dreaming Matrix


free entry
Online tickets not available
Social Dreaming | Sunday, October 25, 2020 — 10 AM Pacific Time
Presented by virtual care lab and Leslie Goldenberg

In Social Dreaming, our dreams become a shared, collective world. We tell dreams, we listen, we discover what connects them, and we let our imagination run free.

Experienced social dreamer Leslie Goldenberg, along with co-hosts Stephen Fitzpatrick and Sara Suarez, will guide participants to freely associate as we share dreams, weaving a collective dream from the dreams experienced individually. Instead of interpreting what a dream might say about an individual dreamer, we will approach dreams as an interconnected, collective experience to be transformed and shared together. After the practice, we will engage in group reflection to ground our dream experience and consider the unconscious social dynamics that undergird our experiences and agency. We will also compose a collective dream poem.

This practice opens a space for participants to safely share night dreams, sensory free association, and connected dreams emerging from what we share. Here, we offer our dreams as shared images for a collective reverie, available to associative transformation and re-telling by the group. Those who don't remember night dreams (or don't wish to share one yet) are still fully able to engage in Social Dreaming through the dreams offered by others.

About the host: Leslie Goldenberg is an executive leadership coach and practitioner of Social Dreaming. In her leadership work, she has increasingly focused on the unconscious at work in organizational life. As a student and facilitator of the Social Dreaming method, she has led and participated in almost 20 Social Dreaming matrices. She is also a ceramic artist and sometimes-obsessive knitter.

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