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virtual care lab | HUEM_N: Listening Party! with Def Sound

Thursday, November 19 at 8:00 PM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Thursday, November 19 at 8PM

virtual care lab | HUEM_N: Listening Party! with Def Sound


free entry
Online tickets not available
HUEM_N: Listening Party! | Thursday, November 19, 2020 — 8 PM Pacific Time
Hosted by Def Sound and virtual care lab

Join us for a virtual listening party hosted by hip-hop artist Def Sound, presenting his newest album HUEM_N, which was developed with community input. We'll share our reflections and experiences as we travel through these sensational textures and rhythms together!

Participation is free and we suggest and appreciate donations.

About the artist: If music was a menu, Def Sound would be the vegan option. As an Afro Latino (parents from Belize & Panama) born and based in South Central LA, Def Sound (mom-given name Emmanuel Ashley Ricketts) is a Grammy Award considered contemporary hip-hop artist, producer, published poet, DJ, and community activist.

Def’s work as a poet has been included in Saul Williams' Anthology CHORUS, while his music has been featured in LA WEEKLY, LA Record, The L.A. Times and the Spectrum Television show Music Diaries. Def has curated listening experiences called #LINKOUTSIDETHEBIO that bring together the intersections of live musicianship, poetry, improvisation, and vegan food as a form of community memory making while stimulating the Black-owned femme space Reparations Club. Venturing into apparel design with No.Body.Is.Illegal” sweatshirts and tees Def donates 10% of all profits to immigrant advocacy.

Def is a genre fluid huem_n resource who is using his work to shift the black narrative back to an Afro Presentist perspective with a buffet of healthy experimental raps and poems that feed both the mind and spirit.

Def synthesizes Hip Hop and his Afro Latino roots using music as a healing mechanism while weaving together a tapestry of triumph, levity, and ancestry and power.

Instagram • Twitter • Defsoundmusic.com • NOBODYISILLEGAL.com

virtual care lab is a series of experiments in remote connection, powered by NAVEL. Learn more at virtualcarelab.com or contact virtualcarelab@gmail.com.
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