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virtual care lab | Growing Teeth

Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM

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Saturday, December 5 at 1PM

virtual care lab | Growing Teeth


free entry
Online tickets not available
Growing Teeth | Six biweekly meetings starting Dec 5 — time TBD
Hosted by Nina Sarnelle, Sara Drake, and virtual care lab

Many cultural workers are precarious and don’t have a 401K. Many are in debt and financial planning for the future is out of reach. Many have complex relationships to their biological family with no plans to make children of their own, instead building their own chosen kinships. This research project starts from the premise that US society does not provide adequate support for the elderly. How might we collectivize around meaningful mutual aid? How might we form a community for our future(s) with aging in mind based on shared values and critical, creative engagement? Together, we will gather resources and host conversations around alternative ways of planning for old age with a focus on cooperative structures.

Research topics may include: the end of work, history of retirement, elder care in different societies, notions of family, disability studies, radical healthcare models, mutual aid, cooperative structures & intentional communities, collective financial planning, property/land ownership, experimental governance.

About the hosts:
Nina and Sara are best friends thinking about the future. Sara is an animator by trade who is researching and making sculptures about the development and ethics of autonomous lethal weapons. Nina is an artist & musician who makes projects about mass balloon spectacles, civic apathy, Amazon fulfillment centers and oil drilling in Los Angeles.

virtual care lab is a series of experiments in remote connection, organized in partnership with NAVEL. Learn more at or contact
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