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MASARAP: Comfort Food Roundtable and Potluck

Friday, August 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM

$5 - $10
Public tickets not available

Friday, August 31 at 7PM

MASARAP: Comfort Food Roundtable and Potluck

145 W. 14th St.

$5 - $10
Public tickets not available
Price: $5 to $10 (or free if you bring a dish!)

Join us for a potluck and roundtable discussion about comfort food through the eyes of chefs and media makers. We’ll delve into why we crave what we crave through all five senses.

Admission is on a sliding scale or free if you bring a dish with a label and serving utensil. Plates, napkins and forks will be provided. Please bring something that comforts you.

Also on view will be KUMMERSPECK and BLUE PLATE.

KUMMERSPECK translates to ‘grief bacon.’ These soft breakfast items were created to bring comfort and relief. They can be touched and rearranged any which way on its blue plate.

BLUE PLATE is a dinner table where people can sit down and ‘feast’ with their eyes on various food porn projected onto plates.

Video games on view:

NOUR by Terrifying Jellyfish

Comfort Nuggets by Frank DeMarco

you should eat breakfast by npckc

About the show
Masarap is the Tagalog word for ‘delicious.’ All the activities during this exhibition will channel the origins and complicated sensory manifestations of comfort food.

Why comfort food? In an increasingly troublesome world online and IRL, we have looked to online food delivery, food porn and various forms of self care to seek solace. This space is here to help you step back and examine your relationship with food.

About the artist
Jenn de la Vega went from picky eater to wide-eyed culinary autodidact who buries herself in archaic cookbooks and food science lab reports. On her menus, you'll find a mash-up of her Filipino-American heritage, Spanish tapas, artisanal cheese, and 90's inspired fast-food cuisine. She is mostly known for her Randwiches or "random sandwiches" in Brooklyn, where clients are given no choice in what they order.

Jenn is editor-at-large of Put A Egg On It: Tasty Zine!, creator in residence at Kickstarter, cook in residence at TASTE Cooking, author of Showdown: Comfort Food, Chili & BBQ and the chef behind Randwiches, an award-winning blog, and catering service.
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