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Translation & Advocacy with Julia Sanches and Umair Kazi

Sunday, January 24 at 3:00 PM

$0 - $5
Online tickets not available

Sunday, January 24 at 3PM

Translation & Advocacy with Julia Sanches and Umair Kazi


$0 - $5
Online tickets not available

Join us for a conversation about the nuts and bolts of translation work—from how to get into translation, to what you should look for in a contract. This program is organized by Seven Stories Institute/Word Up Community Bookshop and is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Julia Sanches translates from Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan. She has translated works by Geovani Martins, Claudia Hernández, and Eva Baltasar, among others. She is a founding member of the Cedilla & Co. translators’ collective, sits on the Council of the Authors Guild, and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Umair Kazi is a lawyer, writer, translator, and the Director of Policy & Advocacy of the AuthorsGuild. His writing and translations have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Guernica, Circumference, and other literary journals.

Domingo 24 de enero, 3-4:30pm: Prácticas de traducción
Súmense a una conversación sobre los aspectos prácticos de la traducción—desde cómo acceder al mundo de traducir, hasta qué buscar en un contrato editorial. Este programa es coordinado por Seven Stories Institute/Word Up Librería Comunitaria y es apoyado, en parte, por fondos públicos del New York City Department of Cultural Affairs en colaboración con el City Council.

Julia Sanches traduce del portugués, español, y catalán. Ha traducido obras de Geovani Martins, Claudia Hernández, y Eva Baltasar, entre otros. Es miembro fundadora de la colectividad de traductores Cedilla & Co., forma parte del Consejo del Authors Guild, y reside actualmente en Providence, Rhode Island.

Umair Kazi es abogado, escritor, traductor, y Director de Policy & Advocacy del Authors Guild Su escritura y sus traducciones han sido publicadas en el Brooklyn Rail, Guernica, Circumference, y otras revistas literarias.
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