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Coaxial at Unlock Winter Wanted in Moscow, Russia!

Friday, January 15 at 9:00 AM

free entry
Online tickets not available

Friday, January 15 at 9AM

Coaxial at Unlock Winter Wanted in Moscow, Russia!


free entry
Online tickets not available
Friday 1/15/21 9am-12:30pm PST (8pm-11:30pm Moscow)
Coaxial Arts Foundation in collaboration with Unlock Winter Wanted - Liminal Arts Festival - Presents: a program of outside electronics, sound art, and experimental A/V from LA and beyond. Streaming from DTLA to the festival in Moscow, Russia to devices everywhere!

ALEX PELLY & OREN KOLIN will be collaborating on dark ambient soundscapes with audio reactive analog synthesized visuals. Alex will be performing on audio and video synthesizers while Oren accompanies on heavily affected electric guitar. Alex Pelly is a Canadian video artist based in LA who frequently collaborates with musical accompaniment, her work serving as a reflection of and muse to the music simultaneously. She recently expanded her practice to include sound as well as video. Oren Kolin is an Isreali guitarist and singer/songwriter based in LA who plays in shoegaze/ambient band Drawing Board.

ANDORKAPPEN AKA Sandor G. Finta is a Hungarian American sound & visual artist based in LA. He's been active in the L.A. underground music community for over 20 years as a recording/performing artist, organizer, organizer as well as record label (Universal Consciousness, formerly Bastardised). His solo musical work under the Andorkappen moniker covers a broad range of musical styles and approaches ranging from Drone Music to Rhythmic Electronics to Harsh Noise. His main current emphasis is on creating unpredictable/indeterminate sound worlds combining improvised electronic and vocal patterns with field recordings and a-musical sound sources.

BIG DEBBIE productions is Ursula Yashenko and visual artist Karo Yagjian. By combining Big Debbie’s music with animation, collage, found footage, and analog effects they weave visual spells of a rhythmic state. The audio, as the visuals, is heavily influenced by the Soviet new wave animation and music, Ursula grew up with, as a child in the collapsing empire of 80's and early 90's

GODTEASE ‘Sophie Alieninova’ is a Moscow-born, LA-based performer weaving together classic choral and pipe organ traditions with the deconstruction of her native Russian tongue. Creating narratives within her improvisational electronic hymnology, she distorts analog circuitry and undulating rhythms to create a wildfire of prayer



SYNC SAPRO is a nonbinary interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. Their creative practice began with exploring the constraints of repurposed “obsolete” video technology and evolved to incorporate audio synthesis in a synaesthetic fashion.

TEASIPS is the moniker of Angela Frances Wilson, manifested as a long-form project to explore music through the sounds of everyday ritual. This performance will be a dedication to grief, and Josephine Frances Wilson.

The water tank sessions, curated by Peña, is a new long-distance series of audio-visual collaborations that invites professional musicians, singers, and sound artists to play and improvise while being inspired by the vision of the submerged human body. Verónica Peña is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator from Spain based in the US. Her work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through performance art. is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Tara Gladden is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Her artistic practice includes sound, video, performance, photography, installation, collage, and sculpture.

WAR HIPPY is an experimental/Noise duo based out of LA that specializes in off grid/self powered/high impact live performances with an ear for deep tonality & harmonic structure. Surviving the pandemic through deep isolating, digesting obscure sci fi novels & ingesting magnetic tape; War Hippy is looking forward to the end of the end times to regurgitate our collected knowledge/understanding all over the world

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