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Grave Realm

Friday, March 5 at 7:00 PM

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Friday, March 5 at 7PM

Grave Realm


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Friday, March 5th 7pm
Grave Realm Grave Realm is a Los Angeles based collective with an eclectic vision focusing on carefully curated experiences with the goal of transcending body and mind through sincere expression. Founded in 2017 by G•S•E•D and M. Flores, Grave Realm has produced events with artists domestic and abroad whose disciplines range from techno, industrial, experimental and beyond. Grave Realm is occupied with boundary pushing and intention, exploring the line between chaos and divine delirium in the experiences it crafts for the Los Angeles community - the source from which it draws its lifeblood in the forms of community collaboration and the collective consciousness.

Hive Mind
Hasufel, Horoscope
DJ Loser
Penelope's Fiance
JT Whitfield
Adios Mundo Cruel
Jenny Sayaka Nono
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