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By offering monthly memberships, you can grow your income by an average of 40%.

Whether you run a weekly dance party, a comedy club, a neighborhood bookstore, or even a community farm, your biggest fans can become supporting members on Withfriends.

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How does it work?

List your events and sell tickets.
Offer memberships alongside your tickets.
Grow your income monthly.
How do I make more money than I normally do?

By offering monthly membership alongside ticket sales on our platform, our organizers have added an average of 40% to their monthly revenue.

We've created a guide to show you just how much you can earn here.

How much does it cost?

Our ticketing platform will pay you to use it! We give you back 50% of the ticketing fees we charge — that's $1 + 2.5% of every ticket sold. (Unfortunately, this doesn't apply if you use Eventbrite.)

In addition, Withfriends guarantees income on your memberships. What does that mean?

We've learned from over 150+ organizations how to build an effective membership program just for your organization. Membership levels range from 10% off at $3 to $6/month, to free entry at $50/month. We tailor each program to the questions you answer when you sign up.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can change these levels and add your own perks any time — although can't guarantee that income. We're so confident in membership programs, we won't take our cut if you don't make money. Of this membership income, we take 20%.

I use Eventbrite, or a different platform, for events. Can I use Withfriends for memberships?

We seamlessly integrate with Eventbrite, but we're our own ticket platform too.

If you've signed a contract with Eventbrite, or have complex needs for your events, we encourage you to use our Eventbrite integration.

For most organizers, we encourage you to use Withfriends for your tickets, as the conversion to support is phenomenal - and we'll return 50% of the ticketing fees we collect to you.

I don't sell tickets online. Can I run a membership program on Withfriends?

Selling advance online tickets is a great practice. It lets you know how many people are coming, how popular your event is, and how much income you can expect. It lets people act when they first hear about your event by buying a ticket, and reminds them of the event without being a hassle.

You should promote in advance - you'll get more people to come out, you'll make money immediately on fees, and you'll grow membership revenue to run your space.

I only organize free events. Will I be able to run memberships on Withfriends?

Memberships are a great way to gather community support while keeping your events free and accessible.

We have a number of bookstores who host readings and panels and other kinds of gatherings, and Withfriends brings a lot of extra support income to the table, even with free or suggested donation events.

Help! I'm in an emergency! Can Withfriends help me with my fundraiser?

If you have an unexpected expense coming up, or a special project you're raising funds for, our membership drive feature is for you. Simply add a date and the amount you're looking to raise, and we can make sure you're fundraising today.

Unlike traditional fundraisers, membership support is recurring. Every dollar raised through a Withfriends membership drive will make your next fundraiser even more successful. Our data shows that membership drives yield 4x more funds per year than one-time donations.

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