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Sell subscription boxes for your
online store, automatically

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An average of one of every five customers
will support your business, resulting in a
60% increase in your monthly revenue.

Withfriends helps small businesses earn $6.59m of recurring community support every year.

If your local business gets an average of 100 customers per month...'ll make $8,600 per year on Withfriends

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Send subscription boxes to your members

Create a box that you deliver weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and set options (like t-shirt sizes). Members set their adddress and options when they join and any time afterwards, and your business gets an easy fulfillment dashboard.

Upsell customers into members on every purchase.

Offer memberships with every purchase, whether in-store or online, and earn an average of $6 extra on every order. Do on what you already do best, and your members will support you!

Double your memberships with SMS upsells.

Reach customers exactly when they're making a purchase and they're twice as likely to buy a membership. We automatically grow your memberships for you, so you can focus on your business.

Paper receipts? No problem.

We give you a custom QR code to add to your paper receipts on Square or any other customizable point-of-sale system. This code gives your customers an automatic rebate when they become a member.

Manage multiple tiers.

Complex membership program? No problem. We make it easy to build multiple tiers, and we automate the discounts for you and your members.

Keep track of your members.

Use our member management dashboard to ship subscription boxes, send thank you notes, and engage with your community. Sync with your CRM automatically.

Delight your members with ease.

We completely automate discounts for your members, and we help you offer exciting benefits like a free coffee with every visit. We make it easy for you to make your members feel special.

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A sustainable online store
is one built by its community.

  • 15 minutes to setup
  • Point of sale upsell
  • Online order upsell
  • Ticketing upsell
  • Automated shipments
  • Automated discounts

We integrate memberships with your platform,
however you reach your customers.

  • Eventbrite integration
  • Shopify integration
  • Square integration
  • Squarespace integration
  • Toast integration
  • ChowNow integration

...and more, just ask!

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Join over 390 small businesses on Withfriends

Join over 390 small businesses on Withfriends

Stories from Withfriends small businesses

Stories from Withfriends small businesses

Join over 390 small businesses on Withfriends

“Thanks to having such a stable membership program we're able to think and dream big about what the future of the space looks like, and we appreciate all that you've done to help us build a new, accessible, and abundant future.”

Maddy Durante,
Fundraising Coordinator

Bluestockings, bookstore, new york

“Our record shop and all-ages event space Sweat Records has been serving Miami's music communities for over 15 years and we only wish we'd launched our Withfriends page sooner. We're still growing and greatly appreciate that [this] platform is adaptable and customizable. The record biz is very particular, but we were able to come up with tiers that made sense for us and our audience.”

Lolo Reskin,
Owner & Co-founder

Sweat Records, record store, miami

“Love Withfriends! I co founded a local DIY art space in Chinatown called Tea Base and we wouldn't be possible without the infrastructure that Withfriends provides. We have over 160 member and are able to sustainable run and operate a space for our community to gather <3”

Hannia Cheng,

Tea Base, tea shop + community center, toronto

“Spectacle Theater has had nothing but good things come out of our participation with Withfriends - more people know about the space and we have more new members than ever.”

Erin Lemkey,

Spectacle Theater, movie theater, new york

“Withfriends has played an indispensable role for us in fostering a healthy community of supporters as well as sustaining an independent multi-room venue.”

Sean Clements,
Ticketing Manager

Elsewhere, music venue, new york

“Thank you again, for the work you are doing. Not only with the platform, but through direct messages and consultations, it’s really been revolutionary and game-changing.”

Najwa Al-Aswad,

3rdWavvE, monthly QTIPOC dance party, boston

“Withfriends makes it easy both to discover local businesses, and to develop and support your community all in one place. It's a wonderful platform for cities like NYC. As a member of multiple organizations -- I like the idea that I can see all my membership benefits in one place.”

Kengo Ikeda-Iyeki,

Withfriends, new york

Words from over 61,751 members on Withfriends!

Words from over 61,751 members on Withfriends!

Let your community help
support your online store.

Let your community help
support your online store.
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