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Join over 390 sustainable organizers on Withfriends

“Withfriends has played an indispensable role for us in fostering a healthy community of supporters as well as sustaining an independent multi-room venue with its practical tools, insight and diligence.”

Sean Clements

Elsewhere, music venue, brooklyn

"Spectacle Theater has had nothing but good things come out of our participation with Withfriends - more people know about the space and we have more new members than ever.”

Erin Lemkey

Spectacle Theater, independent cinema, brooklyn

A sustainable organization
is one built by its community.

  • Simple setup
  • Automated benefits
  • Ticketing integrations
  • On site sign-ups
  • Activity reports
  • Communication tools
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This Queer Kitchen, New York City
Grow your members

Your community wants to be involved.

Offer memberships with every ticket, embedded in your website, on-site at your space, and to the community of cultural supporters on Withfriends. Do what you already do best and your members will join you!

Sweat Records, Miami
Manage your members

Focus on your business.

From 5 members to 5,000, Withfriends runs your member benefits for you. Building recurring revenue doesn't need to distract you from your mission.

  • Ticket discounts
  • Event presales
  • Playlist delivery
  • Benefit sharing
  • Payment management
  • Customizable rewards
  • Testimonial collection
Sundae Sauuce, Brooklyn
Engage your members

Stay connected with your community.

Keep members informed with customized messaging that you control. Identify members at your space so you can make them feel special.

  • Customizable messaging
  • Event check-in
  • Member ID cards
  • Member look-up
  • Rewards pick-up
  • On site kiosks
DROM, New York City
Track your memberships

Build a sustainable business with recurring revenue.

Withfriends provides insights that help you understand which levels and benefits your members love the most, and helps you set the right prices to keep you growing.

How does it work?

List your events and sell tickets.
Offer memberships alongside your tickets.
Grow your monthly income.
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Join over 390 sustainable organizers on Withfriends

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Words from over 11,700 community supporters!

An average of one of every five attendees
will support your business, resulting in a
25% increase in your monthly revenue.

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Let your fans help support
your community space.

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