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Meme Tactics: Virtual Float-through Tour

Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM

$1 - $25
Online tickets not available

Thursday, October 22 at 4:30PM

Meme Tactics: Virtual Float-through Tour


$1 - $25
Online tickets not available
China Residencies is proud to present a virtual version of Meme Tactics: How Artists Innovate Media to Make Underheard Voices Go Viral.

Float-throughs tours are suggested donation but no one will be turned down for lack of funds. If the minimum suggested donation poses a problem, DM us on Instagram (@china_residencies) and we'll work it out :)

Anyone who registers will receive instructions to access the exhibit, regardless of whether they can attend the actual tour.

About Meme Tactics:
Internet memes, once thought to be fun, silly and casual, are increasingly part of a sophisticated communications strategy. While memes can and do wreak havoc in our societies, notably our electoral processes, we invite you to consider a broader definition of memetic expression that gives each person’s voice equal chance to be heard. Here, artists find creative ways to amplify, build on, and disseminate messages from underheard social movements.
Amy Suo Wu and Elyla Sinvergüenza craft ways to negotiate power and assert presence by defying dominant media narratives in China, Nicaragua and beyond.
We share these tactics with you to propagate the power of creative interventions in the public sphere. None of these projects were imagined solely as “art” to be hung on a wall: they function like our favorite memes, existing both online and offline, encouraging everyone to interact and pass them on. Deliver your own letters, publish your own zine, sew a patch on your own jacket. Make it fashion, make it trend and make sure it catches on.

This exhibition was initially commissioned by the Center for Media at Risk in Philadelphia and Cuchifritos in New York, and digitized for Allied Media Conference in Detroit & Our Networks in Toronto.
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